Certified Stamp Of Approval : Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Real Talk By: Vexamillion

Marvel plus Disney’s money has resulted in the stunted growth of many men, including myself. They have managed to put together a recipe for very entertaining movies even if not all of them have been grade A. I do commend Marvel for staying true to the nature of comics and keeping things fun. There have been many comic films in that past that have forgotten the root of their inspiration. It has become popular to throw the term grounded around in Hollywood as if we attend these films without the intent to escape our own very grounded life’s. There are some graphic novels out there that must sustain their edge but for the most part the stories were designed with the approach of fantasy. Marvel’s Age of Ultron will cause many to pose a similar question, is it better than the first one?

The answer is not a simple yes or no. The movie can’t recreate the magic of seeing these characters for the first time on-screen together, but it can definitely spark a new sense of awe. Joss Whedon Has managed to write a movie worthy of not only the ticket price but of much deserved praise. The writing manages to draw many emotions from laughter to disbelief all while giving each hero their own time to shine. I found myself not only intrigued by the events of the film but also excited for future films considering the amount of easter eggs dropped. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big comic fan or just a casual movie goer Marvel’s Age of Ultron is a must see.

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