Check Out Kaiju-A-GoGo

Real Talk By: KJ

Kaiju-A-GoGo comes to us via Kerberos Productions. It’s all about global domination. Smashing up cities inside the awesome Ginormasaurus. This is the first Monster playable, with two more on the way. This Kaiju is robotic, with upgradable abilities. The destruction cause, reminded us of Rampage coupled with the fact you’re traveling to other cities too. The great thing in this PC/Mobile game, is that there is plenty of strategy. Some areas are heavily fortified, so it’s not recommended to jump into any place without being fully prepared. In-fact Sometimes making your mark, causing damage, than leaving the area is better, versus going for total domination in one swoop. Players will have to manage their resources.

It’s fun to see stuff blow up in this one. Very satisfying knowing your hard work pays off. The puny humans, with their Tanks and Helicopters are no match. Smashing stuff isn’t just for the look either. Buildings carry resources. You’ll take the materials to build up your own home-base. Those looking for an explosive fun time should check out Kaiju-A-GoGo. You can plan out attacks, build the greatest monster all at an affordable price tag. Check this out now.

Be on the look out for our review in the near future.

#KaijuAGoGo @Playlegit


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