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Game-changing news today about Batman Arkham Knight. Bruce Wayne isn’t by himself. Good to see,  the deck was starting to stack for him in my opinion. Villains running rampant in the previous trailers. Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing can all help you during a fight. Not sure if this will then transition to local or even online coop. Either way seeing more characters fighting on-screen together, performing flashy free-flow moves in unison is most certainly going to be a rewarding thing. I’ve had a mutiplayer dream since the first Arkham of cooperative challenge missions. You and a friend facing a horde on the couch. Just how much fun that would be. Both contributing to keep up the hit combo, while raising the overall score. Leaderboard chasing fun. Even if this is just a single-player swap between characters, this “dual play” mechanic is something that hasn’t been accomplished on this level. We’re hyped.

#ArkhamKnight @Playlegit


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