The Coin-Op Question: What Is The Best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?

Real Talk By: KJ

A Season Pass in my eyes, should be a VIP service for gamers who take the extra plunge. This should include: Discounted Content, with everything to release post-game launch. Some companies get that, while others still continue to nickel-and-dime outside of their bundles. Sometimes I find myself investing, then getting side tracked by newer games, never to return to the old. That’s on me though, i goofed.  For that reason, It’s tough to invest in an annual game (COD, WWE, and others). Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is going to have 4 map packs in total at a $49.99 pricing. A lot to invest in, but if you like the game, then its understandable. However, the game will still be considered obsolete in only a year. This kind of leaves me with an empty feeling. The Map packs for AW haven’t even made it all the way out, and we’ve already been treated to a Black Ops 3 announcement. Batman: Arkham Knight is getting a heavy-priced bundle at $39.99. Hopefully the content will be worth it. Who knows?

WWE 2K15 had a pass this year. Impulse buying, I didn’t read the fine print. Figured the pack, like last year’s version would give me everything. Shame on me right! It gives you extra Showcase matches, but does not completely cover character packs. You know, the reason i bought the pass in the first place. I Haven’t had a lot of success outside of the first few purchased. That being the LA Noire Season Pass. That was 10 dollars and featured 4 extra missions. Another one I enjoyed was the Gears of War 3 Season Pass. It came with more maps and an extra prequel Campaign. Not only did you get to play as Barrick, but as the notorious General Raam. I have seen a few great things come from the this pricing structure (Mario Kart 8 for example), but my overall report card isn’t that great. Perhaps you’ve had better experiences than I. Weekly Question: What is the best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?

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One thought on “The Coin-Op Question: What Is The Best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?

  1. I rarely buy season passes. The only one I think I got was the Resident Evil Revelations 2 one because I was palnning to play through all the episodes.

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