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If they’re completely thrown out, then what is to become of titles like Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls? How about the great Telltale Walking Dead series?  I’m not sure if going back, my thoughts would change, but I distinctly remember Shenmue’s quick time events being rather enjoyable.  The events took place during awesome chase sequences.  God of War uses them intelligently, as they’re designed to put the last smack-down on the boss.  My favorite moment in QTE has to be the Knife fight within Resident Evil 4 between Leon S. Kennedy and Krauser.  However, not all games take this approach. Some titles have sluggish sequences, where they seem to serve no purpose at all.


Ninja Blade was a game that had fun combat within its levels, but there were so many QTE situations. Everything seemed to need it, thus abusing the feature.  That was the most I had experienced in my gaming history.  Some may give the player too much time to react.  Mortal Kombat X featured a few segments during the Story mode.  Most of the cut scene fights are just there for you to watch, then every once in a while unannounced, the game goes to a quick time event.  I’m not saying to completely get rid of QTE’s, but there has to be a way to make them challenging, fun, structured, and not overused.  Perhaps one pivotal part of a game could use it as a one-time deal.  Weekly Question: Should Quick Time Events Go Away?

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