Ranttable: Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters Ever

In its long history, the world of Mortal Kombat has brought us everything from Wizards, Man-Dragons, Drunken Fighters, Demons, to even Robots. Yes this is a franchise not afraid to try new things.  We see that even to this day in MKX.  The Play Legit Crew decided it was time to finally unveil our favorites.

KJ: I was a big fan of Subzero, but now it would have to be Kung Lao.  I like the flurry combos they gave him in MK9.  Not to mention his fatalities basically turning his hat into a buzz-saw.  Liu Kang is up there too.  He made the first MK movie memorable for me.  Scorpion is awesome as well.  I like him even more now seeing his live action origins on MK Legacy.  So many cool heroes and villains in the world in my opinion. Could be the reason the series is still thriving. I’m throwing a lot of people out there but yes I will side with my first choice.


J. Valdez: Raiden, cause of his hat and cinder, even though he wasn’t in Mortal Kombat.

KJ: I saw in the launch trailer him wearing his original costume from MK1. That was really cool to see with the graphics we have now.

T-42: Scorpion, as he was the only one I learned the moves and just never bothered with anyone else ha ha.

The Ax: Reptile, Because I cheat with the spit move and it pisses people off.

Trucker Ninja: Name any woman character. I only have skills with the lady characters. It’s a special power I have.  Does not translate into the human world.
HecG: Raiden. Whats not to like, this old man can shoot electricity and he always looks badass.

Mo Chocolate: Noob Saibot: The shadow man. Cause he’s a true troll.

Vexamillion: Chun Li.  Those legs…  Seriously, my favorite character was the kind gentleman that broke the fourth wall by saying “whoopsy!”

Ms. Throwback: Omg Jax! And yes it’s because back in the day he was the only black guy I could play, and my Stepdad was black so I thought that was the coolest freaking thing ever.  I tore the arm off my black cabbage patch doll and put tin foil on it.  And that my friends is the best Mortal Kombat story to date!


J.Valdez: That was the best story.

Cmack The Don: Heather’s story is unrivaled, that is amazing! I’ll say that my favorite is probably Sub-Zero. Of course the man is an ice-cold ninja Pimp, but it’s also the innovation he brought to fighting games in general that is awesome. Before him, I can’t really think of any fighting games that had a “freeze” move that would leave enemies open for hits. It doesn’t do damage, it leaves an opening for you to do the actual work. I think his “Ice Clones”, ice puddles, and the way they find news way to incorporate the freezing almost every game shows the innovative side of MK.

Knowledge: I say Kenshi because as much as I like every member of the Lin kuei, I feel like kenshi embodies everything that I try to believe in. The fact that he uses the sword that basically was the reason he went blind makes it even better.  It’s like he carries his scar as weapon and inflicts pain on those who stand against him or what he believes in with it.

Ms. Throwback: I think I still have that cabbage patch in the basement. Haha. I’ll have to bust that out for a pic.

Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character?

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