Certified Stamp of Approval: Daredevil TV Series

Real Talk By: KJ

Marvel Studios has never put out anything like Daredevil before.  (light Spoilers Inside)For those looking for a Dark Knight vibe in their shows, this is it.  Utilizing the TV-MA rating and Netflix’s lax broadcast freedom,  we are able to appreciate Matt Murdock’s adventures as they were always intended.  Charlie Cox does a great job as The Blind Lawyer.  He is not only great in the action scenes, but good at delivering his lines as well.  We follow The Masked Man around the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in the darkness.  A place in more chaos than ever, due to the aftermath of The Big Alien attack.  Each of the 13 episodes in Season 1 all build toward one of the most-polished finales ever.  When the screen fades to black you fully understand what motivates our hero,  and appreciate the incredible journey it took to get him to that point. With Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage all getting their own series like this, we simply cannot wait for the rest.

Throughout the show, you are given satisfying glimpses.  It is seen through the fight scenes, as he begins quite sloppy, then slowly improves.  Coming to terms with his secret identity.  Who he can trust with it, building his crew of supporters.  On the other side of things, Vincent D’Onfrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk was just as impactful.  We see the back-story behind the man, and take part in his twisted turn.  Kingpin’s logic while warped, isn’t without reason.  Fisk is now the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villain.  You read that right.  Plenty of nods to potential story-lines and characters to show up, all the while making great television for the casual viewer as well.  This has a completely different vibe then “Avengers” or even “Agents of Shield”.  Stellar fight scenes, impactful dialogue, and rock-solid acting from everyone involved.  Marvel’s Daredevil is streaming now on Netflix, so you should go ahead and do that.

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