Guitar Hero is Alive and Real

Guitar Hero has returned with an updated controller and style. It is coming in 2015 for XO, X360, PS4, PS3.  GH Live will merge real footage with gameplay making a unique music game experience.  The updated guitar controller has two rows with a three button layout. This will make performing more challenging, but and the strum and whammy bars return. The live crowd before you will react to your performances. GHTV is a service players can gain access to and play from a huge list of songs.  Most likely this channel will continue to be updated with more sounds down the road.


#GHLive @Playlegit

2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero is Alive and Real

  1. This doesn’t look appealing to me and I’m a little wary of some of the changes they are going for here. I’m hoping Rock Band is a little more what I’m looking for when we see more on it. I like the things they mentioned when it was first announced.

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