The Coin-Op Question: Are AAA Games Too Easy?

Real Talk By: KJ

It’s either the length of game being too-short, or a final boss showdown leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  It could even be thugs you face during a story mode never providing a true challenge.  What ever reason it may be, the industry (AAA games most importantly) seem to be going super-casual.  Or have they?

Perhaps extreme difficulties are still here,  just presented in different ways.  Multiplayer focused shooting games (for the most part), have average (to-below) difficulty within their campaigns.  However, jumping online and playing competitively can produce a welcomed contest.  For those who are single player focused, there has been something that has blown-up in the past few years.  It seems like the next way to test gamers skills.  Leaderboard chasing.  For example: Batman Arkham City’s challenge room missions.  Doing everything possible in the time allotted, besting your friends/world in the process.  I think that’s why Dark Souls II and Bloodborne have generated a lot of buzz.  They are indeed old-school tough, yet equipped with the modern flair we expect at a $60 pricing.

To me a perfect example would be Ninja Gaiden 1&2 (XB/PS3) .  The controls were tight, bosses were tough, but had attack patterns the player just needed to figure out on their own.  Once getting to the next phase, it was rewarding because you truly put in some major work.  For me I have only been moderately challenged from AAA games in the past 6 or 7 years, but a lot more from the indie development crews.  Titles such as Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami 1&2 immediately come to mind before anything mainstream does.  Weekly Question: Are AAA Games Too Easy?

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3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Are AAA Games Too Easy?

  1. I would say that a lot of AAA games are getting to easy with quick time events (press A to pay respect). But there are games that incorporate it well and it makes sense in the game. Take Alien: Isolation for example, That game is challenging and fun and it has quick time fighting events but it is exciting!

    The other side of the coin is that the game is easy because they are focusing more on Multiplayer and Story/single player gets slack. This is where Indie games are gaining LOTS of ground. People still want story.

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  2. They are ridiculously easy. Funny, you brought up Ninja Gaiden, I’m currently trying to beat it now for the first time in my life. These AAA games shortchange you on level creativity and boss patterns that lack intuition. I beat The Evil Within recently and felt genuinely cheated that THAT’S the finale they come up with??!! I love Platinum Star games, both The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 are incredibly satisfying. Nobody else knows how to provide this and I just have been playing a lot of modern games full of Quick Time Events and cutscenes starring Kevin Spacey.

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