Indie Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

Real Talk By: KJ

Battle monsters in Little Devil Inside.  From a first look, you would think this was an innocent looking game.  That is until you dive further into the trailer.  Clearly LDI was designed with the hardcore crowd in mind.  The look reminded me right away of “Fairytale Fights”.  Since it too appeared friendly, then the fighting kicked off, and blood started to spill.  It looks as if the graphics will be on display in many ways.  We see polished ocean, desert, and forest landscapes for starters. Every place looking as good as the next.  The game world in-production was meant to be immersive, as players will explore the land in awesome ways.  It seems to maintain a nice sense of humor as well.  We look forward to playing this survivalist hack and slash ARPG from NeoStream, and fighting the deadliest foes.

Be sure to show this game some love if you’re a part of the Steam community.

There is also a Kickstarter option as well.


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