Certified Stamp of Approval: Far Cry 4 & Bloodborne

Real Talk By: The AX

It’s been a while since I’ve played Far Cry 4, but now and then you get the urge to go back to something you loved the first time you played it. Thankfully, Far Cry 4 is one of those games that holds up the second time you play it, at least in terms of the amount of fun you have just running around the map. The thing that holds the game back is that the story doesn’t have the same impact the second time around. I was really excited to see what happened next the first time, but this time it feels a little heavy-handed.

I haven’t touched FC3 for a while, so this may hold true for that game too, but I really don’t like the way your two potential tribe leaders in FC4 use you the same way a broken up couple might to mediate the situation. I ended up caring about both characters, but no matter what I did, I never felt like I was doing the right thing because I always pissed someone off! It made me feel more for Pagan Min, because he has more of an “F*** you, I do what I want” attitude, which I eventually adopted. It’s for this reason that (SPOILER ALERT) I let Pagan Min live at the end. He felt a lot more human than a lot of the characters in the game; he was positively psychotic, but also not one-dimensional like the other characters.

On the bright side, it’s still a lot of fun to run around and hunt things!  People, honey badgers, those damn eagles, you name it.  The environments are so wonderfully crafted that it’s easy to get lost in Kyrat.  This is definitely a plus, because it’s really the only aspect of the game that truly immerses you.  For those who have a wish to run back through to kill some time, there is an option to reset all fortresses.  This is an awesome feature, given that the most fun I had been finding a way to either stealthily liberate a base, or just go balls out with my elephant (who is named Benji. Because).  I’m really excited to hunt some Yeti though, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Hopefully Ubisoft will wise up and add a Blood Dragon 2 DLC pack, or even a Jurassic Far Cry.  These would be welcome additions, given that FC4 is essentially the same thing as FC3 but in a different setting.  And with no Let us know your second thoughts in the comment section below, and let our voices be heard about why the hell there aren’t any Sharks! If they really wanted to go the realism route, they wouldn’t have included Shangri-La, so let’s have some land sharks, right?


It took some serious convincing for me to even consider playing this game.  Being a relatively casual game fan, I was not too-hip on the idea of being punished for sucking.  When I play Call of Duty, I’m content when my kill/death ratio is even, and I haven’t ever gotten a killstreak reward higher than the radar upgrade.  It wasn’t until my buddy told me how brutal the art style of Bloodborne was that I decided it was worth a try.  I feel like the tagline to this game should be the same as that Edge of Tomorrow movie, but tweaked a little: “Die. Die. Repeat.”  It’s only natural that I crank up some Drowning Pool when I venture into Yharnam; the bodies most certainly hit the floor, but they’re all mine.

Bloodborne isn’t impossible though, and that’s what has gotten me hooked.  I’m more of a Rambo-type gamer, so I tend to go on the offensive. So I die a lot. I then decided to try a different approach and dodge more, but I’m still ballsy and try to attack to try to regain my lost health.  So I continue to die a lot. I haven’t yet found a formula that works like a charm yet, and I’m beginning to doubt that I ever will.  That doesn’t matter though, because the rush you get after beating a boss gives you enough confidence to keep going, even knowing that the next boss is going to own you even harder than the last. It also helps that my character looks like a cross between the Joker an Alice Cooper; I’m committed to watching him be a badass.  Give us a shout about how you’re surviving Yharnam, if you are that is.

For another legit take on Bloodborne, check back later for our full Review.


One thought on “Certified Stamp of Approval: Far Cry 4 & Bloodborne

  1. This was a good little read, I’ve only played a small amount of Far Cry 4, but Kyrat is definately worlds above the explorable islands of Far Cry 3. There is far more to do, and a huge amount of diversity in the environments now thats more than welcome. I’ve been finding Bloodborne easier than Dark Souls, and a lot more fun. It’s still unforgiving, I’ve died plenty, but the faster pace just seems to have been more to my tastes.

    Just a little tip, be sure to add a mini title to when you change the topic of the post. It’s a bit jarring when one second you’re talking about Far Cry, then the next you were talking about Bloodborne. Even just change, “It took me some serious convincing to play this game” to, “It took me some serious convincing to play Bloodborne” would be much easier for the reader.

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