Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: Class Heroes (PS4, XO)

Real Talk By: KJ

Final Fantasy Type-O HD is a port of the PSP version. This is clear in more ways than one.  Most of the environments, enemies, and NPC’s appear as if they were directly ripped from the handheld.  This may have been alright for a PS3/X360 release.  However, this is a current gen exclusive (PS4/XO).  With a $60 price tag, and hardware capable of much more, this is far too noticeable to be left ignored.  Type-0’s graphics aren’t all bad though.  The characters you control are very detailed.  This also makes for a weird gameplay experience. Seeing how regular civilians and others look like blocky messes, yet you’re shining like a diamond. Also many captured cities visted share the same layouts and bland visuals.  Just an odd mixture to pay for at a premium price.  The Final Fantasy XV Demo code was packaged in with each copy of the game.  This of course looks amazing, and definitely puts the new consoles to work.  For more on that preview check out Mo Chocolate’s Play-through. Back to Type-0.

This definitely earned its M-Rating.  Can’t say I have ever played a more brutal FF game.  Blood will spray in battles, and in various cut-scenes.  You can harvest fallen enemies and absorb their energy.  Yep, it’s just as rough as it sounds.

The story is super deep, filled with many cinematics.  For the most part, the game assumes players know all about the Final Fantasy terminology.  For those who want it, there is plenty of info to read up on as you progress.  Still, I felt bombarded with such an unbalanced swarm of helpful and useless dialogue coming at me.  I really have to point out the voice acting is horrible. Switch it to Japanese immediately. Just being honest.

“Look at my hat.”

The Camera is atrocious.  It really has a mind of its own.  No attempt was made to rectify the situation.  Another reason at times this feels like a copy/paste job.  The PSP didn’t have a second analog stick, but we do now! Accommodate your fans Square. Things get Better when you have an enemy target-locked.  Still, depending on the battle, or how fast the threat may be, the camerawork alone could cause multiple deaths.

The aspect of this game that shines for me is its diverse cast of characters.  You stay in control of 14, all of whom bring something unique to the table.  Figuring out how to capitalize on your party’s strengths and weakness is crucial. A few characters are great with firearms.  It’s good to mix up styles in your battle rotation.  Just like other FF titles, some creatures are immune to Fire, Lighting, Ice, and other elements.  Your friends have melee weapons including Staffs, Swords, ext.  However, playable character “Deuce” uses a flute, playing unique tunes, sending out energy blasts hurting the surrounding enemies.  A major plus is that the team A.I. can pull their own weight.  It is always a grouping of 3 in each fight.  Knowing that your allies will do their part is relieving.  The game allows you to quickly rotate between the active trio.  The options in combat are impressive.  The main character Ace throws decks of energized cards.  Very awesome when getting him leveled, as he can toss magic around faster than the guards can shoot their assault rifles.  There is someone to match any play style.

Hogwarts crew.

A fun aspect of combat is timing.  Waiting on the right moment will bring up an option for you to land a critical strike.  For many baddies, timing this move leads to an instant death.  Staying focused on your opponent and picking your spots is rewarded, rather than just mindless button mashing.

The game does a great job of letting you micromanage each person.  Ranking them up is satisfying as each will unlock more useful moves.  Another way to build-up your people is the step into the arena.  Fight armed enemies and slowly improve.  Also lead them out of the city and into the wild.  Engage in random battles.  Some are one and done, while others will let you stay in the battle.  If you remain in the area, you’ll receive the option to take on more enemies.  Each wave is definitely stronger than the last.  The risk is worth the reward.  Go for it.

Taking over cities, is done in a light real-time strategy format.  A nice little diversion from the main fighting.  Lead troops from previously conquered areas, and send them to the enemy ones.  You can physically attack the enemy resistance, to shift the battle in your favor.  Other side stuff includes attending class to gain more exp.  Interacting with people, and accepting side missions all add to the game’s length.  Breed Chocobos and more in-town.  They will help you get across the world map at a faster rate.  Something is always going on at the academy so talk to the locals.

Type-0 is an Action RPG that will offer hours and hours of gameplay.  Some will be able to look blast the glaring flaws to take in the story, and deep combat.  There is New Game plus when your done, with some secrets we wont spoil, and higher difficulty levels. Even If you bought it strictly to play the XV demo, you may want to give this game a shot.  I can see why both were paired together, as zero feels like a launching pad for what’s to come.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gets


3.5 Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+ Awesome Playable Characters

+ High Replay Value

+ Rewarding Battle System

What’s Perpetrating?

-Inconsistent Visuals

-Crazy Camera

-Some Weak Side Missions

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