Certified Stamp of Approval: Chappie & Furious 7

Ms. Throwback: The first thing I noticed about Chappie is that the movie presented nothing like the preview. That’s a good thing. To many times the preview tells the story and that’s just a total let down. While the story of a robot gaining human consciousness isn’t a new theme, Chappie adds and element of emotion to the plot line that is hard to find in these types of movies.  The usual feelings of empathy and sorrow were there, but there were other moments of fear and hilarity that were refreshing and surprising.  Couple that with the twist ending and deep thought that the film presents, and you’ve got yourself a certified legit seal of approval. I am alive, I am consciousness, I am certified legit, I am Chappie.


KJ: It’s time for the latest (and final?) entry in this Fast series.  Furious 7 rounds-up the gang again, as they prepare to take on some of the toughest villains in franchise history.  Not only did the main heroes bring it again with funny one-liners and chemistry, the action sequences would raise the bar again.  I watched this with the right crowd.  When absurd unrealistic stunts happened the audience was laughing like crazy.  It was really cool to see Tony Jaa back in action, and Jason Statham was unstoppable like the terminator. Fight scenes overall were awesome, and they alone demand an encore viewing. The difference between this blockbuster versus something like Transformers, this series still has a soul.  The main theme has always been prevalent: Family.  Unfortunately we lost Paul Walker, but I think they handled his character in here as best you could.  The send-off to Brian was nothing short of classy.  Furious 7 was designed for the viewer to have fun.  Well I most certainly did that.  If this is indeed the last ride, we were satisfied with the results.

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One thought on “Certified Stamp of Approval: Chappie & Furious 7

  1. Chappie felt like a mix of Robo Cop and Short Circut. It was hard for me not to see past that. Not a bad movie mind you but still, I had those other 2 movies running through my head the whole time.

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