Halo 5 Guardians: Hunt For Truth

We see two live action trailers promoting Halo 5 Guardians October 27th release date. It’s interesting indeed. Which video is the right one? Maybe both. Come join us as we attempt to hunt the truth.

Locke’s Trailer

Master Chief’s Trailer

Both trailers hint at the possibility of having a choice on who you start the campaign with. It may be hinting at a two-perspective approach throughout. It could resemble the story mode we experienced in Halo 2. Perhaps one campaign is an open world investigation, while the other is a linear hunt.

Could there be some choices during H5’s story the player will be forced to make? Maybe the ending is in your hands? Given the emphasis on choice in the marketing one might guess that 343 Industries is in-fact giving us two separate campaigns. Imagine having to beat two small story archs to proceed. Then, unlocking big missions starring both main characters.  It would be amazing if the actions of the two previous campaigns would affect the outcome of the narrative.

Given some of the content from the novels and comics, Chief and Agent Lock might be rolling with different squads. Chief with his old spartan blue team, and locke with two newly branded Spartans that were from the ODST game. It would not shock me if an approach similar to Reach was taken or co-op similar to the Spartan Ops missions.

They could take this story many ways. Halo is a massive universe full of diverse characters and stories, 343 has a lot of material to draw inspiration from, I wouldn’t be surprised if they even tied in Halo Wars to Guardians. All I can guess is choice is playing a massive role, but the million dollar question is: How? Halo 5 Guardians arrives October 27th, 2015 Exclusively on Xbox One.

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