The Nintendo NX Uncovered

A Rep from the Big N wanted to give a preemptive plethora of information. This way players would not be over cumbered with news the next time a NDirect aired.

    Nintendo NX is the Next console that will scan, then insert Mario and his friends right into your brain. Your mind is now the controller.  Hold hands with your friends to play multiplayer games.  You can also project the image onto any crystal surface for onlookers to view as well.  This is made possible with the Virtual Boy 2.0 peripheral.

“With of the success of the Nintendo 3DS, the consumer clearly wants to engage the Third Dimension first-hand” Says Kerry D. Wood of consumer resource marketing.  He then continued by saying: “Leave behind the prehistoric clutter of peripheral based technology.  Cut your energy consumption cost in half”.

Streetpass is back.  Players will headbump each other in an orderly fashion to exchange data. Gamers can then import each others Mii’s onto their respective system.

For a cool $3.99 users can download the “World Is Your Canvas” update at launch. It allows players to take mental images from things they have viewed from that day. Giving your homepage a fresh theme when you want. Players be warned, any attempts at downloading graphic memories or competitor mascots, will result in being banned from MMO service “The Mushroom Mesh”.

nintendo NX screenshot

Here are the tentative launch titles:

Metroid Mind

Battle through environments you are in. Never mind DLC, because you are the expansion pack.

Mushroom Mesh

The MMO free hangout game bundled with every Nintendo Next.

Super Smash Bros Next

Expected to be a port of 3DS/WiiU with new control choices.

Teleroboxer: Round 2

One of the strongest Virtual Boy games returns. Comes with a Red Screen option.

Urban Champion 2: Come At Me Bro

A sequel to the NES title. Now with two stages.

Pilotwings Next

Full-Body flight-control. Take to the air without ever leaving the ground.

WarioWare: Wobble

Rush through the micro-games as Wario yells and makes fart sounds in your head.


The Nintendo Next is expected to arrive sometime in early 2017.

#HeadStrong @Playlegit

April Fools! From Gremlik, The 8-Bit Troll. That’s Right, I have escaped the abyss early this month. My work isn’t finished either. See you soon, and stop having fun.


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