Certified Stamp Of Approval: Akira & Conan

akira2Real Talk By: Vexamillion

I would like to bring to the attention of some our younger readers a classic anime titled Akira (1988).  The film had a limited cinematic release in the U.S. sometime in late 1989. As fate would have it, I wasn’t able to see it till years later. In 1994 while skipping school at a friend’s house, her brother mentioned he had a VHS of what he called a “cartoon on steroids”.  Much to my surprise it was Akira.  This is a Japanese animated science fiction thriller film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.  The film depicts Tokyo in the year 2019, and tells the tale of best friends Kaneda and Tetsuo.  This anime went on to inspire such films as The Matrix, Chronicle, Jumper, Push and I am number 4.  The film’s impact helped broaden the appeal of anime in the states.  Never before had I seen violence and action depicted in animation with such style until Akira.

A couple of years ago a Blu-Ray digital remastering of Akira was released for only twenty bucks.  This was done as a twenty-fifth anniversary edition celebration, for the animated masterpiece.  The disk is packed with extras galore, including an interview with the director, story board collection and a mini documentary about restoring the film.  If you appreciate animation, I truly urge you to pick this up and witness for yourself. See what inspired many of the current creators of our time to become story tellers.

KJ here. Akira was an awesome choice player.  Keeping the retro film discussion rolling I have to talk about one of my childhood favorites.  Conan The Barbarian (1982) was on-point for many reasons.  It brought so many elements, making it still 100% watchable in this day and age.  The locations were perfect for barbaric fights. Wardrobes matched. The only thing I found beyond hilarious was the decision to give the Snake Master “Thulsa Doom” that foolish wig. Regardless James Earl Jones was a great villain.  Arnold Schwarzenegger did his job as our hero Conan. It was a perfectly cast role, as it didn’t need a lot of speaking.  However, we were given memorable quotes either way.   Conan’s journey would be narrated by the late-great Mako.  There was a great mix of characters Overall. Though the lead said little, you forget about that because the surrounding cast was so strong.

We would receive more movies, but the first one is the go-to in the series.  Arnold is returning in fact. Hopefully they can re-kindle the elements that worked so well in the first one.  An action movie that has something for everyone, and is still regularly shown on Television.  This is why Conan The Barbarian gets the “Certified Real” Stamp of Approval.

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