Evolve Review: Change Back (PS4, XO, PC)

evolve5Real Talk By: KJ

Evolve is a cooperative-focused shooter. Many who worked on Left 4 Dead are a part of this project. No surprise it is a game that shares many similarities. At least in theory. Up to Four Players will take control of Hunters. Developers at Turtle Rock did a good job of making each individual standout. Every character looks awesome, and is equipped with cool weapons.  The crew falls into 4 categories: Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support (I used this class the most). Each class harbors three characters. This isn’t just for the look. Each person within that class, can do things exclusive to that hunter. Assault folks bring the fight to the monster with the heavy artillery. Trappers can lock the monster in a huge dome so it can’t escape. Medics naturally keep everyone healthy. Support class can protect friends with armor, and defensive based gadgetry.

Controls feel fine. The main challenge is simply getting used to all the different weapons each class provides. Evolve hits you with a cinematic explaining each character when selecting them for the first time. However, there is no in-depth tutorial. Yes you can learn how to play as one Monster, and one Hunter. But this is far too generalized. Since each individual character on either side has special features, more in-depth tutorials would have been appreciated per person.

Communication has to be the norm. Continuously asking where your teammates are, knowing what that character can do, makes a difference.  Everyone plays a role. Play with people you trust. It sucks getting into a room full of loners. 80 percent of the fun is immediately zapped when this happens.

Graphics are truly standout. You can see the wear and tear in weapons, and battle armor. Rust and other accessories share the same traits. Scarred flesh, age lines. The blasts emitting from Weapons: Fire, Lasers, Rockets, you get it.  Not only do our heroes look the part, but the same can be said about the enemies. Level layouts are pretty standard, but detailed nonetheless due to the graphic engine. Fun Fact: Evolve is running on the CryEngine 3.

He’s going to need all the help possible.

The Biggest Alien at launch (Goliath) can throw rocks, breathe heavy fire. Each Monster has 4 upgradeable abilities. You have 3 different Villains to play with in-total.  The Kraken uses lightning-based projectile tactics. Good for forcing people away. The Wraith uses deception. While not the most durable, you can duplicate yourself, and bust out some crazy powers. Trickery is key when playing in this form.

The sound is awesome. You can hear the unique shrieks and yells from the monsters. It can get really creepy on darker stages. Main characters have some cool conversations about past hunts, and life in general. Dialogue repeats itself too much, but it is clear Turtle Rock wanted to make every person feel relevant.

The locations can offer outside danger too. Other Creatures roam the area. Big Crocodile monsters are among the toughest around. Don’t let them catch you. They can bite and hold on. Some of the world’s inhabitants are peaceful. Well, at least until they are antagonized. Killing some of the wildlife will give you an ability boost, beneficial when fighting the big one. It’s good that you have the option to shoot other stuff while searching for the monster.

Yeah, you do not want to see this thing at Stage 3. Trust us.

Experiences during my time with Evolve, monsters (while powerful), aren’t strong enough. Unless you can evolve to Stage 3 that is. Evading hunters and eating the dead, is the way to make it happen. Hide and seek. The problem is the Monster is way too easy to find. It is tough to sneak around considering maps are so small. It makes it hard for the solo person to gain momentum in their favor. Getting the most fun out of the game all depends on the right situation. Finally, if you can make it to the last level, the roles are reversed. Now the hunters become the hunted. Basically every skill the Big Alien had equipped is now enhanced. For example the Goliath breathes more damaging fire, and expanded range. Stronger strikes, ext.

There is certainly a fun (and unique) experience to be had. players may have to do a little digging. Keep in mind purchasing at full price with the DLC will set you back by $135 dollars. The game claims to offer different game modes. Stopping monster eggs from hatching, Rescuing survivors. Bottom line, the primary goal remains the same. Hunt the Monster or Vice Versa. I’m thinking a higher player count would have really benefited the game. A 4v1 room can stay, but that shouldn’t have been it. 4v2, 4v3, ext. I would place other players on the monster side, letting them control the wildlife creatures. They would slow down hunters to help their leader feed. I guess in the end the monster would just eat them too. Well, im throwing ideas out there. More play options would have been appreciated. Feels too bare-boned to fully recommend at $60.

Evolve gets


 3 out of 5

What’s Legit?



+Original concept

What’s Perpetrating?

-Bare-boned content at launch

-Slight balancing issues

-Greedy DLC

-Long Load Times

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2 thoughts on “Evolve Review: Change Back (PS4, XO, PC)

  1. This is a great review, but personally I’ve been much more info the game than it sounds like you have been. Every match had been unique, the levels are a perfect size to allow the monster room to maneuver and yet allow the hunters to find it. I’m having a fantastic time with the game so far and am really looking forward to the upcoming DLC.


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