Ori and The Blind Forest Review: Genre Mixing Fun (XO, X360, PC)

ori1Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Ori and the Blind Forest, was developed independently for Microsoft .  The game follows Ori, a white guardian spirit who fell from a tree and became kind of a feral soul, raised by Naru, a bear-like creature.  Unfortunately Naru is killed during the apocalyptic destruction of the forest. Newly orphaned Ori is left to explore the forest on his own.  In the beginning Ori is very weak, but discovers a guardian that helps him unlock powers along his adventures.  This platformer is full of surprises and is enchantingly fun, but you will soon find that it’s not just any regular game. It’s an open world, strategy filled, RPG, puzzling, and that’s just about as epic as you can get in this genre.

The first thing you’ll notice as you play the game, besides the stunning story line, is the incredibly unique and artistic visuals that are presented.  Light plays an important role in the visuals of the game.  Blazing pink and orange streaks of fire-pan across the sky, and Ori himself is a light being.  The forest seems magical, alien, and the feel is unlike other games.

An overhead map helps the player direct Ori through his dangerous travels.  The world is one big map but as the player soon finds out, each part of the map is much different from others.  One section may be more fire related while another involves water, but they are all within the same world and the same map.  Levels do not exist in this title.   Ori will find himself dodging not only enemies but the vast array of environmental hazards made even more challenging by the gusts of turbulent wind, or incessant fire balls flying toward him.  Large scope enemies also present in the game and are overwhelmingly beautiful to admire.  Ori is leveled up during the game by an intricate ability tree which are based on the basic elements.

You really have to see this game on an HD screen.

The game is highly difficult, staying alive isn’t an easy thing to do and the game keeps count of how many times you’ve been killed and tallies them for you at the end.  When you end the game it will let you know what percentage of game you’ve successfully finished, but you can’t go back and pick up the small percentage lost so completion is a focus during the adventure.

I haven’t felt about this great about a platformer in a long time.  It reminds me of how I felt when first playing Earth Worm Jim.  It’s a refreshing breath of air from the concentration of casual games that have hit the platforming market in recent years.  The hand drawn, colorful style of the title leaves nothing visually to be desired.  The difficulty level is exciting and the challenge for me was something I’ve desired from a title for quite a while.  Beauty, grace, and awesomeness pack a large punch in this title and that’s why:

Ori and the Blind Forest  Gets


5 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Visuals and sound are top of the line

+Story line is in-depth and emotional

+Level design is strategic

+Length of game

+Challenging title

+Interactive environments and enemies are fresh

What’s Perpetrating?

– Not all players are up for this type of difficulty

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