The Coin-Op Question: Which Video Game Worlds Should Collide?

We have seen bizarre, and logical combinations of video game worlds. Square Enix and Disney’s “Kingdom Hearts” immediately comes to mind in the odd (but great) department. How about Pro Wrestling and Rapping? Good times were had with Def Jam Vendetta/Fight For NY. Most recently PayDay 2 received a DLC pack that brought Hotline Miami’s main character “Jacket” into that world. This makes plenty of sense, since both titles cover the criminal underground. Project x Zone featured a mob of fan favorites in RPG format. We want to hear your mix-up ideas. Even it sounds goofy to you on-paper, the result could be quite magical. How about the type of game it would be? Vex wants a Gears/Halo team up, making the Spartans fully playable in third-person. I could use a Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken game myself. Weekly Question: Which Video Game Worlds Should Collide?

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