ps4We see that very few consoles now offer the feature. Is it a cost-cutting procedure? I think yes and no. Offer a premium priced console with the option if that is the case. Players who don’t want to pay the deluxe fee, wouldn’t have to. Is it a cash-grabbing decision? As you know many Classic titles have been re-released on any modern console of your choice. The problem is that it’s primarily the main-stream stuff. Other titles can’t arrive in online stores due to licensing issues. Some games you simply will not be able to play, unless you’re an old system owner.

Every thing is going on-demand. Our shows, games, and we know it. I for one am against re-buying a game I physically own, just so I can have it on my hard-drive. However, if a studio does bring back a classic, giving us a standout effort (Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Bionic Commando: Rearmed), I have no problem paying again. Regardless where you stand, should the option at least be in the hands of gamers? The PS4/XO launched with small libraries. Being able to run older games would have really killed the waiting times on newer titles. Weekly Question: Is Backwards Compatibility Important to you?

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