Arcade Lives: Time Crisis 5

Right when you think the Time Crisis series has made all innovations to the light-gun genre possible, in comes TC5. This new one implements an extra pedal. So players will have two per person. Now I know that sounds gimmicky, but hear me out. With the added-panel, players can get more angles on the battlefield than ever before. This in-turn provides more cover for player two. Not only that, as seen in the video above, you can flank enemies. This will produce a unique dynamic during boss segments. How about vehicular scenarios? Cant wait to play that’s for sure.

“The game also features a new weapon-toggle button to switch weapons during play. Equipped with two 55″ HD monitors, this game will surely grab everyone’s attention.” -Bandai Namco

Well just when you thought the Arcade scene was dead, Namco reminds us that this is far from the truth. Hopefully a home console port will follow. Lets get some Time Crisis action on the Wii U. Nintendo’s system has yet to receive a single game in the series. All past TC games can be played on Playstation consoles, and hopefully this won’t change in part 5 . Japanese arcades are expected to get the game this month.

#TimeCrisis5 @PlayLegit


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