Certified Stamp of Approval: Kingsman: The Secret Service & I Am Bread (PC)



Real Talk By T-42: It is far too often that when a new movie comes out it is either a remake or a reboot of movies. Comic book heroes too, they will usually be fun to watch if you switch your brain off. New original stories are too often not seen. However when we do get them, usually we judge them pretty hard. Take Jupiter Ascending, that movie was not that great. However, it was a fantastic movie to see visually. The themes were interesting and even the characters were interesting, the movie was just not put together properly. But that’s my point, we judge it harder because it is new, and I applaud everyone who helped make that movie because they took a risk.

This brings me to Kingsman. This movie took a risk, and it paid off! I have talked to a few people about this film and some like it and some don’t, again judging pretty hard. Some people will take one scene in a film and allow that one scene to dictate their interest in the film and I can’t agree with this mindset. This movie is rated ‘R’ for a reason! Tf you don’t check your ratings before you go into a film you might get something different from what you expected (Expendables 3).

This Movie is fun and full of laughs, but be warned, there is violence in parts of it as well, on similar levels as Game of Thrones. I think one of the best features of this film is that it makes fun of itself and even compares itself to characters like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer.

If you want fun action and some great laughs go see Kingsman.


Real Talk By Ms. Throwback: Back in the day we had these games where you were inanimate objects and it was the best thing ever.  Remember Cool Spot for the SNES?  You literally played as the red dot 7-up logo and that game was the bomb.  Can you imagine if Pepsi just suddenly made a game for the Xbox One where you played as their logo?  They wouldn’t even consider such a thing now and days, but maybe they should because I just played the best game I’ve played in a while called I Am Bread.  That’s right, you literally play the game as a slice of bread trying to make it from one end of the room to the other to be toasted.  Each corner of the bread has a designated button and believe me, when you first start playing this game you won’t even understand how you’re supposed to move.  Half the challenge is figuring out the control technique to get this awkward piece of bread to flip from the table to the floor, dive across the room, stick to the side of the cabinet and wiggle sideways into the toaster.

Once you figure out the controls you have a lot of other obstacles in your way.  You can’t land in anything wet, like the sink filled with dishes.  You get points off fordirtying up your bread on the floor or sliding through unidentifiable sludge in various areas.  Sometimes you have to be quite tricky with your strategy as well, you’re not always in the kitchen, sometimes you have to desperately toast yourself on the clothing iron hanging out in the bedroom or something.  This is serious business, no slice shall be leftuntoasted.bread

While I’m telling you about this game you might be thinking, “What a joke! bread, Ms. Throwback, what kind of fool do you take me for?” but seriously, you will never find a game this is depth story-wise.  As you begin your adventures in toasting you will read notes from the owner of the apartment about how talking about how he thinks he’s going crazy because every time he wakes up he finds toasted bread everywhere.  you can play the same levels over and over trying to get an A++ score in bread toasting, but if that’s not enough Bossa studios, the creators of the game, are planning to release more stages and options.  For now, at a toasty $9.99 price point on Steam, I really don’t think you’ll have any more laughs and much more fun for that low price.

#Kingsman #IAMBread @PlayLegit

kingsman_the_secret_service_xlgCertified Real Stamp Designed by Vex*

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