Homeworld Remastered Collection Review: Polished Fun (PC)

Real Talk By: T-42

In a day and time when it seems that most “things” that come out are reboots and remakes, it can get pretty tiring. However, there is hope for video games to get the credit they are due. Select titles deserve a remaster, this way they can continue to get in the hands of newer generations. One of those said games is the Homeworld Remastered Collection.
Homeworld is a space based Real Time Strategy game or RTS. It is played in a full 360 degree space and has a great mod community, at least for the classics. We will touch on this later. When Gearbox acquired the games they brought on a bunch of the original game makers to help remaster it including the sound guy. The result is nothing short of fantastic. The remaster includes a unified UI for both Homeworld 1 and 2 which makes playing both games simple. The other great thing they did for the remaster was include a multiplayer Beta, and for a Beta the game plays well and I have not had a single problem with it yet.


This is a great return for an RTS classic as the genera has been slow, or seeing games that don’t make it. The other interesting factor about Homeworld is that there really isn’t any other RTS like it. This isn’t like Starcraft, or Sins of a Solar Empire, or Command and Conquer. The Remaster is fresh enough that it stands on its own as if it was a new game coming out today.

Lets talk about the visuals. Man, oh man, does this game look beautiful. They reworked the engine, models and added a cool lighting system, which includes god rays. When lasers are fired the laser will light up the parts of the ship around it for a very cool effect. And how about when ships go into hyperspace or make hyperspace jumps! A small blue square appears and then forms to the length and width of the ship that is jumping and it looks fantastic especially when ship jump into a new area and hot drop on some bad guys! Now that you know it looks good, lets talk about how it sounds good. The game was completely remastered with the original sound guy at the helm and it is fantastic. All ship sounds are super cool and clear and you can zoom in as far as one single ship and hear its radio chatter. As mentioned before about Hyperspace, the sound is so distinguishing that When I heard it again after the announcement trailer I got chills.

As was mentioned before with Mods, the remaster comes with full mod support, so all those old modders can come back and re-release their mods. I am looking forward to the Warlords mod making a come back! Now that it is also on Steam there is the steam workshop and people are already putting stuff there, so go take a look and see if anything looks fun. Last but not least they also released the remaster with a copy of the classic versions of the game for all those who want to play with the old mod and graphics. In Homeworld 2’s case the graphics aren’t too bad!

The only thing I have encountered with the game that happened on a few occasions, mission objectives were performed before they were announced on accident and that caused the game to not trigger events correctly and missions to not end. However, that has only happened twice. Nothing that won’t stop you from wanting to keep playing though. The only other thing issue people might have is that sometimes the game can be slow, and it can but if that isn’t a problem for you then play on, but this isn’t an all action all the time kind of game.


Homeworld Remastered Collection Gets


4.5 out of 5

What’s Legit?




+Mod Support

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some missions can break (could be patched later though)

-Can be slow for some

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