The Coin-Op Question: How Do You Buy Episodic Games?

With the recent success of Telltale’s Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us games, it seems like this sort of distribution method is working. Maybe it’s the fact both titles have been five-star caliber. Resident Evil Revelations 2 has released Chapter one of four, with the others to follow weekly. Does this keep interest in the game alive longer than normal to you? Well there are many who will binge play. Check out all the content at once. The Netflix approach, but with their games. I for one will wait for the game to completely release (buying-in-bulk), as I couldn’t stand being left on a cliffhanger. Weekly Question: How do you buy Episodic Games? Right now and wait for the rest, or let it pile up?

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5 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: How Do You Buy Episodic Games?

  1. If the episodes are due to come out every week I don’t see the logic of breaking up a full game in this manner. Just release the whole thing in one go. As far as Tell Tale games go I prefer to marathon all the installments in one go, but sometimes I capitulate to impatience and download the chapters as they come out.

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  2. I always tell myself that I’ll wait and play them all in one go once the series is finished. In reality what usually happens is I can’t wait, and I’ll crack and buy the first episode “just to see”. It’s what happened with Season 2 of TWD.

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  3. I usually wait until it all releases, but I started getting GoT by the episode this year and will probably be doing the same with Life is Strange as I really liked the first episode of that. The wait is kind of tough, but I usually have other games to distract me. Waiting is probably the better call though especially since these types of games get big discounts later usually.

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