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This week’s retro review is a special one for me.  While looking for games to cover, I pulled out my trusty DS. Fun fact, Tetris DS has been in my DS case since it’s launch in 2006, making it almost eight years without being switched out and I still play it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever continued to play a game for that length of time but I think it’s about time to write about why It’s been my trusty go to boredom game for so long.

Let’s start with modes.  This game includes an insane amount which are single player and multiplayer.   Within the single player mode you can choose between push, touch, puzzle, standard, catch, and mission modes which are all themed around a classic Nintendo character like Link or Samus.

The standard version as you might have guessed, is the original game with some visual updates and a Mario themed background.  The player can choose between marathon, which gets gradually faster, or line clear modes, just as in the original title.  An addition is that the player can also play against a CPU, adding a little more spice to the mix.  If you’re up for some more adventure the Push mode is one of my favorites.  This is a fight to the finish against another DS player or the CPU where they own the top screen and you own the bottom.  As you play a clear lines the pieces will be pushed to the other side of the screen creating more difficult moves for your opponent.  The greatest part about this mode is that the CPU isn’t stupid.  Regardless of if you are playing with a real person, or the computer it’s a challenging setup.

Mission mode includes within it, marathon and time trial versions where you complete as many missions as you can to set a new high score.  The top screen displays the mission while the bottom screen acts as a playing field with Link’s hearts slowly emptying as a timer.  You must complete each mission before Link’s timer runs out.  If mission mode isn’t your thing, catch mode might be.


Catch mode might be the most insane Tetris, Nintendo has ever come up with.  It involves the player starting out with a single piece.  Other pieces fall from the top of the screen but the player does not actually controls the falling pieces.  Instead you use your one pieces to catch the falling pieces by rotating it in the middle of the screen.  No other mode is more challenging than this.  The end point is to detonate blocks and gain points without getting a piece that is too big.

The music in this game doesn’t just deserve an honorable mention.  It’s a huge part of the game.  Not only are there remixes of the classic music, but also themes based around all the Nintendo characters in the game.  The music is so good you could download the soundtrack, and listen to it while you study or do chores.  It doesn’t incessantly repeat, but is new, fresh, and interesting each time you play the game.

Tetris for the original Nintendo was as much of a staple to the system as  Mario or Zelda.  Everyone owned it, everyone played it, and everyone knew what it was.  We may have forgotten how important Tetris has been to us, but Nintendo didn’t and they put their all into Tetris DS to make it the most amazing experience, even to the year 2015.  I would venture to say this is the greatest Tetris game ever made.  The modes are endless, the 80’s nostalgia is priceless, the music is top-notch, and the challenge no matter the mode is inviting.  The game has been out of print since 2007 but you can still pick it up online between $19 and $90.  (hint: buy it used)

Tetris DS for Nintendo DS Gets


5 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Endless mode choices

+Easy controls

+In depth musical sequences

+Crisp visuals

+Throwback 80’s nostalgia

What’s Perpetrating?

-It may be a little expensive or difficult to get your hands on at this point.

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