The Coin-Op Question: Will You Buy The New Nintendo 3DS?

Weekly Question: Are you Getting the New Nintendo 3DS? We are aware of its enhanced processing capabilities, and vastly improved 3D technology. It was brought to our attention that the portable Xenoblade Chronicles won’t play unless you have the newest handheld. Me personally, im a bit reserved. Knowing that this isn’t the official next system. The fact that it is a major upgrade, but not a next generation leap hasn’t left my mind. Chronicles may be the only exclusive. For now. How long till that changes?The New Nintendo 3DS XL is $199.99 to be exact. Who is going for it?

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6 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Will You Buy The New Nintendo 3DS?

  1. I will not be getting one. I got a 3DS XL with the Link Between worlds bundle and special 3DS console to boot. I think that it would be a waist of time and money to invest in a new stick that really won’t help. I can still play all the games and even new games on the 3DS I still have so, no thanks Nintendo.

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  2. We don’t have any handhelds newer than the DS. Feel like we’re missing out sometimes but then I remember the 300+ games we have for our other systems. We just haven’t been able to justify the price of a 3DS + games. Maybe we’re just cheap…

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  3. It honestly ticks me off a little that Nintendo put out this new system that is sort of in-between just an upgrade and a full-on successor. The idea that there are games I might not be able to play on my regular 3DS XL is a little frustrating. I’m not really into Xenoblade, but I wonder if something will come that I will want to play and can’t. Anyway, I can’t see myself upgrading to this. Seems like money better put towards me buying an Xbox One which I hope to get this year at some point.

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