Certified Stamp of Approval: Secret Ponchos (PS4) and Micromon (iOS)


Real Talk By: J. Valdez

I like that we finally have a game like this in the app store. It’s not the best it could be, but it definitely has the potential to be a greater title than it already is. Though not without its flaws, its entertaining enough to keep you occupied for 5 mins to a few hours. The story starts you out in blank town. You, an organic human, were brought into this mysterious digital world by a glitch. The professor of the town you landed in decides to give you the gear to start your journey in pixelia, at a price. He gives you a mission to become an s rank tamer to get access to a destroyed town. And to do that, you need to beat the 4 legion members.

As you travel from town to town, you get to fight your MM against other tamers, or mostly wild creatures, which you can also catch. Fighting is relatively easy, however there are some special things going on with the combat system. The fights are turn based, and sometimes the faster micromon has the opportunity to get two turns in a row. That could be challenging or cheap gameplay depending on the player. The problem I had with that is that once you catch or hatch a mon, its speed never changes, from 2-4 (the only number I’ve gotten) that’s the speed it will have throughout the game. Same thing with the stamina. Things to lookout for when acquiring this one, but it’s definitely official enough to receive the first ever Certified Stamp.


KJ here, I wanted to talk about secret ponchos. This retails at $14.99. Any Additional fees are simply for costume packs. This western-themed twin-stick shooter comes to us a birds-eye view, allowing four players online. Two gamers from the same system can jump on, team up, or even fight each other in split screen. Engage in battle across several well designed maps. The music is actually quite relaxing, yet strangely fits the tone of the game. To put it bluntly, SP scores with its presentation. Pick your favorite outlaw (each with their own advantages and flaws). Keep competing in showdown, and earn points to upgrade your combatant. It’s the little touches that Ponchos nails. Delivering the winning kill will pit the camera right on the winner and loser. You’ll slowly see the person fall to the ground. This makes victories all the more satisfying. 2v2 is really fun, but wait until you step into a 4v4.  If you’re on PS4, you owe it to yourself to give Secret Ponchos a shot. Free DLC with new maps and characters is in the pipeline (Feb 17th, 2015).

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Play Legit’s “Certified Real” Patch designed by Vexamillion*

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