Capcom Fighting All-Stars: What Could Have Been

Real Talk By: KJ

Now awesome games were rolling out from Capcom around this time period. Your Viewtiful Joe’s and Onimusha’s. Resident Evil 4 was on deck. The fighting genre was lacking though. Famous Mash-ups just weren’t happening. Enter Capcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holder. It was 2003. I was reading my Gamepro and happened to see this announcement.

The roster was going to be fair-sized, with combat happening entirely in 3D. This was a dimension Capcom normally shied away from, considering the failure that was Street Fighter EX 3. All-Stars was scheduled to include Strider Hiryu. Charlie Nash, Ryu (of course). Batsu of Rival Schools fame, Mike Haggar the muscle-bound mayor of Metro City. Chun li. Poison. Newcomers Death, Rook, Ingrid, and D.D.

Im wondering what could have been. according to the article referenced below, the game was tested by fighting fans, and many were unsatisfied by the product. Apparently these guys weren’t the only ones. Capcom too made the decision that Code Holder simply wasn’t up to snuff. The main villain Death was planning to destroy Metro City. Two of the four new playable characters had the code to prevent detonation. This would have interested me, since your typical crossover fighter is generally lacking in the story department.

Observing the test gameplay, I found a few things. After a round the game goes to a cut-scene of the loser, winner as “Break” is displayed on the screen. From the preview build, I will say the environments seem to be mighty bland. Like KOF Maximum Impact “Lite”. The company is known for unique levels and designs, so this startled me for a second. Great thing that this roster has an interesting character lineup, to help make up for that. Having never played its tough to speak about it personally. Who knows what flaws could have been addressed or improved? Why not delay, re-test, then try again.

Good things come to those who wait. The bulk of this unique roster would still be seen again. Ingrid would officially hit the scene in the exceptional PSP port of Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Max). Tatsunoko vs Capcom would arrive in Arcades/Wii. Here we would get the return of Alex. Street Fighter x Tekken would bring us poison. Sorry Rook, Death, and D.D.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 would receive both Strider Hiryu and Haggar. So many of these awesome characters would return, but This fighting series would die before it even hit store shelves. Would this game have sucked? Its sub-in, was the poorly thrown together “Capcom Fighting Evolution”. Surely Code Holder would have been better than that. Source : Street Fighter Wikia

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