Used Gaming Stories: Sony PSP


Real Talk By: KJ

Back in 2005 I was gifted a used Playstation Portable on my birthday. The first game in the collection being Metal Gear AC!D. This was a spinoff from the main series, featuring an art direction similar to “MGS 2: Sons of Liberty”. To see graphics of that caliber, on a handheld at the time was mesmerizing.  This was a solid Card-Battling Strategy RPG to arrive day one. Who remembers the media UMD featuring the track “Vibrate” from Petey Pablo? Good times friends! Spider-Man 2 came along with the package. Special PSP themed headphones and such, bringing you really into the movie goer’s experience. Though the system was pre-owned, thankfully I received everything a person would buying a new version of the device. Those launch bundles were a serious hookup back then. Actually, I got more than anybody would have guessed. While the PSP functioned fine, the memory stick had plenty of things left over from the last person. It was surprising that they loaded the system up so much with their stuff, so soon after release day. This was how I was introduced to the music of Young Jeezy, as his Trap or Die mixtape was on the device in full. A photo gallery of the past owner too. Thank you to the person for being a good steward, and saving his Swisher Sweet smoking & gambling pictures on the system. I had a good laugh before wiping the memory clean. Of course I saved the Jeezy tracks on my Laptop. Who wouldn’t? This was one time buying used really worked out.

Do you have any used gaming stories?

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5 thoughts on “Used Gaming Stories: Sony PSP

  1. Okay so I can’t believe I’m about to admit this. Get ready for some epic stuff. So I went to the used game store, had to be about 7-8 years old and picked up Mario Paint. Brought it home and hooked it up to the NES about to get my Picasso on. I’m checking out all the tools on the dashboard and realize that someone has saved their own work on the cartridge. My grandma was coming in and out of the room to check the game out too when suddenly I realize the person had taken the liberty of painting a full on spread eagle realistic looking woman seductivly strewn across the bed Ron Jeremy style. They had carefully included an array of realistic colors. With my grandma only inches away (but out of the room thank god) I was able to quickly find the erase button and get rid of it. As she re-enterred the room I told her I had to poop because I was so adrenaline rushed from trying to hide it that I had broken out to a cold sweat. And that my friends…is a used gaming story.

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