NDirect Aftermath: January 2015

  • New challenges have been added to the Fire Emblem series, and Choices made throughout will affect the world in a major way.

  • Unlike the other two consoles, Nintendo at least gives players the option for backwards compatibility. The process is a bit clunky though. Gamers have to make their Wii U revert back to the original manually. Now coming to the eShop, not only can you use the classic and gamepad control options, but games will boot right up, without doing a bunch of steps. The drawback is that these games have not received the HD updated treatment. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the first game in line, and it is out now half-off for only $9.99. Punch-Out!! (Jan 22nd) Will follow, and then Freaking Metroid Prime Trilogy! (Jan 29th). All will be discounted to 50% for a week.
  • A separate Super Mario Branded Amiibo Set was announced. They will roll out  March 20th. Toad will finally get his own toy! This set can be used as game-pieces in Mario Party 10, as can compatible ones from Smash Bros.
  • Splatoon 4v4 online, and a single player mode. gamer can earn in-game cash, walk around a big plaza and spend the money on unique items. A May release date was given.
  • Ms. Throwback rejoice! Tingle has been added to Hyrule Warriors, along with young Link. This is part of the Majora’s Mask Add-on (drops February 5th).

Then this happened:

  • Tekken director and overall cool dude Katsuhiro Harada, announced a 4 player cooperative game codenamed “Project Treasure”. This will be an online-only title and free to play. Fighting enemies and getting funds. What’s not to like about this scenario? I’m confident the combat will be fine-tuned considering his resume.
  • Today Nintendo of course dropped more news on existing stuff, and went on to detail the next handheld. The “New Nintendo 3DS XL”. A February 13th release date was locked in. The C-stick kicks the Circle Pad Pro to the curb, and new facial tracking technology will readjust the 3D point of view, so that users wont need to keep their head centered to experience the 3D effect.

As you can see the processing power has taken a major boost. Is it enough of you to take the next leap?

  • CodeName S.T.E.A.M. is a game you should keep yours eyes open for. Developed by the Fire Emblem team (Intelligent Systems), this turn-based strategy game will feature Amiibo support. Ike, Marth, Robin, and Lucina toy owners can be unlocked as playable characters in steam. By the way you can play as Abe Lincoln too. We’re introduced to even more special characters in this video, all of whom have exclusive abilities. CNS will take advantage of the new c-stick, along with this other title I am looking forward to. I’m a big fan of Gears and Uncharted. Basically 3rd person cover based shooting. Introducing Ironfall: Invasion.
  • Ironfall: Invasion not only features a campaign, but 6 player mutiplayer as well. This is a solid pickup for the Nintendo hardcore audience. Monster Hunter 4 is still on track for with 4 player coop online, or local. Get Ironfall Invasion in February, and Monster hunter 4 on the 13th in the same month.
  • To me, big announcements were indeed made. Many of these games aren’t to far away from our grasp. Some being just a few weeks away. I anxiously await hard info on Starfox Wii U. Other than that, this was a solid direct that gave both systems owners stuff to get excited about.

Check out even more cool titles in this video below:

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