WWE Immortals First Look


I have wondered what WWE Immortals would look like during gameplay. We have been treated to several hand drawn pictures of the roster, but not a single glimpse of the real game. With only a few days from release, we finally have something to grab onto. The NetherRealm Developed title (Mortal Kombat/Injustice: Gods Among Us) gives the Wrestlers of today special abilities, that goes beyond reality. I’ve read negative comments, people hating how it’s very similar to MK. That’s good news far as I’m concerned. Maybe you don’t see it that way. We sure would love your opinion on this experimental mash-up. Hopefully this will receive the Console/PC treatment down the road. WWE Immortals is Free-to-Play and coming January 15th, 2015. We will update this section when more videos release.

#WWEImmortals @playlegit


3 thoughts on “WWE Immortals First Look

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