Duck Hunt Retro Review (NES, Wii U)

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Newer Nintendo fans have most likely seen the Duck and Dog in the latest Super Smash Bros. Here is the game that brought this duo to the dance. This is one of the more commercial titles to drop on the NES. A big reason for that, is because the game was usually packaged-up with Super Mario Bros. It was like Wii Sports for that era. I’m sure plenty of people have epic memories of putting that Nintendo Zapper to great use. The Red/Grey colored gun had a decent roster of compatible games. We have the list. Have you played any of those other games?

You can mimic the throwback experience on Wii U, by pointing the remote at the screen and blasting away at Ducks. An aiming reticule has been added. Sound effects of the gun being used, emanate out of the controller. A rumble feature was added also. None of these things were expected from an 1984 game. Figured this would be just a simple emulation with a save feature. It’s great that they went beyond the call of duty.

Just hold still…

Game types range from A,B, to C. The first has players shooting one duck on-screen. As levels stack up, the faster birds fly. B has two ducks soaring at once. Not only in later stages do the targets speed up, their formations get even more off-the-wall making things pretty difficult. In a Stage to advance, one must have more hits than misses. There is an overall progression bar on the bottom of the screen. This lets players know how much longer they have to go until the mode chosen will be over. Two player mode lets one person control a Duck, while the other attempts to stop them. C is Clay shooting, blast away the flying disks.  Beat levels in the same areas. This is where Duck Hunt could have used more flair. Different looking levels, or at least color swaps to freshen things up. Way more background music would have been great. You hear the same sounds to often.

Duck hunt is a short, and simple title. It was always a responsive shooter, and the Wii motion adds to it. You can grab this game in the Eshop for $4.99. A quick test of reflexes at an affordable pricing. Whether you win or lose, The Dog has the last laugh.

Duck Hunt Gets


3.5 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Responsive Controls

+Modern Day Enhancements

+The Dog

What’s Perpetrating?

-Bland Sound Effects

-Dull Stages

-The Dog

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2 thoughts on “Duck Hunt Retro Review (NES, Wii U)

  1. I remember spending way more time than I should have on this game as a kid. That damn dog always got on my nerves. Mocking my failures. haha. When we would get really angry we would get as close to the screen as possible, but that didn’t normally help. I imagine playing it on the wii would be just as infuriating as playing on the NES.

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