“Hero Panda Bomber” Provides Explosive Gameplay


Real Talk By: T-42

Yo yo. I’m here with my Nvidia Shield taking a look at Hero Panda Bomber.

HPB is a fun and simple Bomberman style game. One thing I like about it, is how straightforward the controls are. With the ability to use the Shield, it makes it a lot easier to play. Without having to pay for anything, the game itself stands alone and that says a lot to me. Panda Bomber has a bit of strategy to it.  You don’t have to equip upgrades, if you’re good. Not buying enhancements certainly presents a greater challenge.

Let’s talk real quick about two things I do not like about this game. After the 3rd Level, you’re prompted to review the game. You can move past this and keep playing, but I was put off by the prompt. The other thing, was being reminded a couple of days later after not playing, that I hadn’t played in a couple of days. This puts me off as well. If you are a fun game I will review you, or at any rate, word of mouth will travel to my friends.

Other than that, the game is solid with nice graphics and a simple charm that keeps me coming back for more. Check it out on the Nvidia Shield or via other mobile outlets.

Here’s a closer look at Hero Panda Bomber. Available Now!


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My name is Hunter but on here you can call me T-42 which is short for Tablefortwo, which is my gaming handle. Thanks for taking the time to check out my little corner of the interwebs and hopefully you like what you see! Here you will find all the things I have on my mind from life to video games to other cool and fun tech. I have been gaming for the last 20+ years and I love it! If you want to game with me you can hit me up on my Facebook page T-42. Stay awhile and listen!

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