“Hero Panda Bomber” Provides Explosive Gameplay


Real Talk By: T-42

Yo yo. I’m here with my Nvidia Shield taking a look at Hero Panda Bomber.

HPB is a fun and simple Bomberman style game. One thing I like about it, is how straightforward the controls are. With the ability to use the Shield, it makes it a lot easier to play. Without having to pay for anything, the game itself stands alone and that says a lot to me. Panda Bomber has a bit of strategy to it.  You don’t have to equip upgrades, if you’re good. Not buying enhancements certainly presents a greater challenge.

Let’s talk real quick about two things I do not like about this game. After the 3rd Level, you’re prompted to review the game. You can move past this and keep playing, but I was put off by the prompt. The other thing, was being reminded a couple of days later after not playing, that I hadn’t played in a couple of days. This puts me off as well. If you are a fun game I will review you, or at any rate, word of mouth will travel to my friends.

Other than that, the game is solid with nice graphics and a simple charm that keeps me coming back for more. Check it out on the Nvidia Shield or via other mobile outlets.

Here’s a closer look at Hero Panda Bomber. Available Now!


#PandaBomber @PlayLegit

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