Play Legit’s Best Games of 2014 Voting: Final Wave

Final Wave. The moment is here. A few more categories include Best Actor/Actress, and the Biggest Disappointment. Top it off, with your choice for Game of the Year.

Best Actress


Best Actor


Biggest Disappointment


The Game of The Year


Thanks for Voting!

@PlayLegit #Bestof2014 #GOTY



  1. Dragon Age is not being considered for GOTY? I guess Dark Souls it is then :].

    I actually just got finished making my list too. I think mine is a little unique when compared to other people’s.

    Let me know when you make the official list :].

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      1. Thanks. I play on different platforms so I get to play more games than most people.

        I would definitely recommend Total War if you’re into strategy games.

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