Retro Ranttable: Celebrating 20 Years of PlayStation


Has it really been that long? The years go by, but gaming is still in the forefront of our entertainment needs. Helping keep the industry on the move, is the Playstation. A handful of systems, thousands of games later, They are still in the fight. The Play Legit staff got together to share their PS memories from over the years.

Oh The Nostalgia.

KJ: For me this was the home for my 3D fighting. So many good experiences. Tekken 3 didn’t leave my PlayStation 1 for months. Underrated fighters made the experience great. Akira Toriyama’s Tobal No.1, and of course Bloody Roar. To turn from a man to a man-tiger, how can you possibly hate on that? But ultimately, my greatest times go to Naughty Dog’s now classic platforming series. I still own the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy, never traded them in. Even had a few crash action figures (which were insanely detailed btw). Crash will always be Sony’s mascot in my eyes.

T-42: So I never owned an original PS1 but I had many friends who did and I was always over playing on their systems.

Trucker Ninja: My finest memory of playing Ps1 was the Crash Bandicoot series on holiday eve, I played the first game for over 24 hours. End of memory.

I loved playing Tekken 3 and the Crash Bandicoot series. I agree with KJ that Crash is Sony’s Mascot. You can’t forget about Crash Team Racing. I eventually got a PS2 Slim, so i go back and play those games anytime. The PS1 had a lot of memorable classics, and I believe it to be the system that comes to mind when I think of “What is console gaming?”


Sony Needs To Get Crash-Back. Period.

J.Valdez: I was more of a Nintendo 64 guy. I do remember getting Lunar for the PS1 (3 disk game!) And the second disk didn’t work. Fun while it lasted though. Never played Crash Bandicoot. Played a little Spyro. A couple other games, but the long loading times kept me away from the system sometimes. I got more into PlayStation when part two came out.

Vex: My Homie Pedro let me borrow his PlayStation with Tony Hawk and GTA. I spent 3 unemployed months of my life not giving a care about anything other than those two games. Living off nothing but my savings and Ramen Noodles soup,  it was a great time.

Knowledge: The live action commercials with crash were untouchable and still hold up today. Tony hawk was something that made me more of a gamer with my friends. We would play all those games of S.K.A.T.E and best trick at a time when I was a skater, so I would play the game and then go outside and try those tricks for real.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Psx

Hawk was King.

HecG: For me on PS1 was the original Need for Speed. It had all the early 90’s exotics and cockpit view, which for its time was most definitely a game changer in the racing game industry. I’m with KJ with the Crash Bandicoot series it was one of the coolest games out there (in my opinion of course) and the Twisted Metal series, cant forget that one.

Knowledge: First games I ever owned for PlayStation were Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 2. I’m having a hard time believing the systems have been around almost as long as I have. But I think the series that turned me into a full-time gamer was the metal gear series and then Onimusha.

KJ: On PS2 my first game was The Bouncer. The graphics at the time were untouchable. A brawler with three main characters, all with upgradable abilities. The Four Player versus part was a bit of fun too, once you unlocked all the fighters. And you know I did that. Much respect to Square Enix for dropping epic RPGs on Sony’s console over the years, but i would really like to see them take it to the streets again.


Get Back to The Streets Square!

Knowledge: I still have my 3 disk, black back copy of Final Fantasy VII. Never gonna let that go. Memory card and all

T42: legend of legaia Was also one of the first RPG’s I ever played and loved it!

Knowledge: Final fantasy VII and VIII. Countless hours spent on those games and what about Gameshark! Back when cheat codes existed for every game.
Vex: I remember playing Tomb Raider at a friend’s house running from the T-Rex, I was blown away.
KJ: In that same vein, Dino Crisis on PS1 though! That was how you did survival horror. Man it was tough to hold onto ammo in that one. A lot of running took place.
Knowledge: Bruce and Bryan were my team in Tekken Tag. I can remember practicing for hours so I could beat my brother. I think everyone is aware how formidable a foe I am with those too. But Cmack should know better than anyone!

Cmack: Okay listen here Mr., I am still sore over that loss a few years ago on Tekken 6 to that Bruce feller. I’ve had the Law Dynasty going strong since Tekken 3, and it’s about to get reinstated. Lookout now!

So The Saga Continues. Happy 20th PlayStation!

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