Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review: Sledgehammer Slams It Down (XO, PS4, PC, X360, PS3)

  1407857571-cod-aw-defender-under-the-bridgeReal Talk By : Vex

It has been years since I have desired to play, let alone buy a Call of Duty title. This year was no exception, so I thought. The more details spilled out as time passed the more my interest grew. Truthfully they had me at Kevin Spacey. The trend to drop a yearly iteration of a game is a painfull one, each lacking quality in a different department. What is worse, is when a title steps its game up even under those circumstances only to get ignored. This franchise has suffered from lack of innovation in the past, but as I will proceed to explain, things have changed for Call of Duty.

I am going to give a hybrid review of sorts, mixing campaign with multi player changes as a result of some of the tech introduced in the game. To start off the Exo-Suit gives players abilities that alter both campaign and multi player. The Suit provides players with speed in mobility wall climbing as well as cloak, both aspects of the game are affected by this addition. The biggest change from the new equipment was felt in the competitive space, where players are forced to change their tactics at a faster pace. Some have expressed displeasure at the change, even though a game modes without the suit are provided.

Kevin Spacey is a Game-Changer. #KissTheRings

Some gamers never seem to amaze me, first they complain about the lack of change only to get it, then complain about it. Graphics and map design have never looked so good, both in multi player and campaign. The maps are all impressive, it was tough for me to decide on a favorite. In my opinion never has a Call of Duty online been more addictive and I can’t wait for the DLC.

The stability has had minor issues but for the most part it has been my least problematic experience on COD. Some players have tried to camp in the same manner as previous games, only to fail miserably. Weapon balance seems to be at an all time high for the franchise, as not one gun seemed too overpowered. Unlocking new emblems weapons and apparel are back but with a new incentive towards customizing your streaks. The amount of game modes are also a great way to keep the online from feeling repetitive. The team at Sledgehammer have crafted a refreshing take on the franchise that needs to be recognized, and hopefully sets a new bar. The advanced approach is a welcomed change.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets


4.5 Out of Five


Whats legit?
+Sledgehammer’s new approach to a series that has been the same for a while.

+Major improvements to the net-code.

+Kevin Spacey

+Awesome Future Weapons

+A coherent and fun campaign

Whats perpetrating?
-The backlash from fans stuck in the past.

-No Zombie mode at launch

-Campaign could be longer

#CallofDuty @PlayLegit


2 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review: Sledgehammer Slams It Down (XO, PS4, PC, X360, PS3)

  1. My only thing is the quick time events, if you can even call them that. I am getting tired of the press x for simple little stuff that is somehow meant to keep you interested in the story. (pressing x to morn for example) But this game isn’t the only one doing it and I don’t blame the devs for it, I blame the market.

    THAT aside really great review man. I nit pick but you make really good points and at least they tried and did a lot more right than wrong. Cheers!

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