Indie Spotlight: Speakeasy Preview


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Developers Super Soul debuted a fantastic game at the Ohio Game Developer Expo a couple of weekends back, titled Speakeasy Fisticuff League, with a new release date of November 25th.  A simple three-button control scheme can easily put this game at the center of a multiplayer living room scenario.  The game is a quick draw fighting title with a different take on rock-paper-scissors, the options instead being block-fake-attack.  Up to four players can get into a match at one time, choosing between an array of classically themed backdrops.

Set in the roaring 1920’s America, with carefully constructed and well thought out characters ranging from Nicola Volt, the well to do scientist, to Carrie Hatchet, the newly landed pioneer.  There seems to be a little something for everyone in this title.  If the crisp straight lined visuals don’t catch your eye, certainly the cool jazz renditions of music will catch your ear.

Put em up!

Each player fights against another player, or multiple depending on which setting you choose.  If players touch the same button at the same time, a face off happens, and a small box appears showing the button you have to push to win the round.  Who ever is quickest on the draw to push their button wins the round.  Matches are timed and any number of rounds can happen within one match.  Once a player knocks the head off of another player they become the “king of the hill” and move to the left side of the screen.  They stay on the left until such time as their own head is knocked off by someone else.  At the end of the match each players losses, victories, attacks, fakes, and blocks are added up to show each player their respective place rankings, which in turn, unlocks items, characters, and stages.


We have high hopes that this will be a fun pick up and play title that is enjoyable for a group of mixed gaming types. With the holidays soon in full swing we always need that something to put on the television when company is over and this seems like the perfect download to keep everyone happy.  Casual to pro, young to old, we can see everyone having their chance to claim king of the hill.

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