Bayonetta 2 Review: Hair-Raising Action (Wii U)

Bayonetta2lReal Talk By: KJ

Action gamers rejoice, Bayonetta 2 is here. Exclusive to Wii U, we have a game that will raise eyebrows. Despite it being an Nintendo only title, This over the top character is still true to form. That was never the reason i was pulled into the series to begin with. It is the super smooth gameplay that Platinum Games is famous for. Also, this studio has grown into being one of my favorite development houses. As in B1, Gameplay will remind players of Devil May Cry, or God of War. Dual pistol shooting, weapon unlocking, ability upgrading. Finding secrets and other enhancements as well. Those elements have returned.

From the moment you put the game in B2 pulls no punches. It just comes down to the question: Are you ready to handle it? So many things go down where you just have to roll with it. Bizarre moments, but awesome at the same time. A weird mix indeed, it works nonetheless.

She can use with weapons with her hands, and feet. Depending on how the player arranges her items, movesets will be different. Primary attacks see her using her locks to make giant fists, and crazy kicking moves. Using spells, combining lollipops make for a more a powerful life restoration. Mix and match weapons/life, make the best combo for later boss fights. Reflexes will be put to the test.

You’re clashing on top of a Fighter Jet. This is within the first 15 minutes of the game.

One of the early battles in B2, Cereza makes a monster with her hair to fight another enemy. It then turns on her. While this event is incredibly early in the game, it is absolutely a sign of what to expect from the entire experience. There is more to tell, but I will bite my tongue.

Every level seems to top itself. Fresh and threatening-looking foes all the time, each with different attack patterns the player will have to figure out. It’s all about style. Hitting ZR to counter at the right moment will take you into “Witch Time”. This is where gameplay slows down allowing the player to deliver more hits to any enemy. In-turn, You get rewarded for staying alert, instead of mashing the button mindlessly. Hitting combos, performing execution-torture moves, these are the deciding factors in the number of halos you’ll collect. Try your best to avoid damage. Now matter how short, or long the battle, each fight carries importance. With that being said, Deaths racked within a stage will really hurt the final score. The fun factor is so high though, you’ll want to go back and better yourself.

Enough Gold here to give Junebug Spade a run for his money.

Take the halos gained from defeating enemies to the gates of hell. this is where you’ll unlock skills. Different moves to use with your new weapons, she will continue to unlock. Each ability earned feels worthwhile. Every upgrade has a useful purpose, it’s never a throwaway.

Maneuverability comes easy when our heroine can turn into animals. making tough environments easier to get around. Run around levels fast by channeling her “Panther Within”.

Standard controls just feel spot on. The touch screen controls are more of an afterthought, it’s just too limited for some of her complex stuff. When loading screens come up, gamers can train. The move-list stays on the right hand side of the screen, giving you something to do while waiting. Try out newly acquired techniques right away.

100 percent of the cut-scenes feature memorable moments (for better or worse). There is never a time where you will not be entertained. Its weird though, that some cinematics are in a motion comic form, others in the traditional style. Feels all out-of-order. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but a tad confusing. The Bayonetta character pits herself in inappropriate poses, and does lewd things. This will definitely send some gamers away. I was able to look past it, and laugh at just how absurd this character truly is, but others may not share the same viewpoint.

For the $59.99 pricing, B2 comes with another disk. That’s right players, get Bayonetta 1 at no extra cost. Now that’s a hookup. Other extras include bonus costumes. She can wear outfits from Famous Nintendo Franchises. Star Fox, Metroid, Mario, so yeah that’s pretty cool.


The graphics surprised me. Detailed sprites, and some nice looking environments. This is combined with the smooth 60 Frames per second gameplay. Platinum was getting the most out of the Wii U. When a nasty beast is attacking, immediately you can see the work the developers put in, not only in graphic quality, but in the overall art direction.

Playing through the campaign, unlocks stages for Tag Climax, which is the (online only) coop part of the game. Betting on halos in Climax raises the difficulty of enemies. It almost turns this coop into a versus mode because of the competitive feel. Players will pick from their available levels. Most of these challenges can be completed quickly, but there are plenty to unlock. It’s a fun diversion, but I recommend getting far in the game before jumping in, so that you’re properly equipped.

Thank Goodness there’s a revival system implemented.

This title provides you with a 10 hour campaign. It’s going to be tough finding all the collectibles your first go-around. Many will want to re-experience the many superb action scenes again too. Don’t forget about that Bayonetta 1, you have that as well. Coop online is a fun diversion too. This has all been factored into the score. You can easily look past the absurd lead, when a game is as polished as this one. An Action-Game Classic.

Bayonetta 2 Gets


5 Out of 5


 What’s Legit?

+Unpredictable From Start to Finish

+Tight Controls

+Sharp Graphics

+Constant Mind Blowing Action sequences

+Rewarding Combat System

+Bayonetta Part 1 included

+Memorable Characters

What’s Perpetrating?

-Off-putting lead character

-Online only coop


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