Play Legit @ The Ohio Game Developer Expo: Final Round


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Our weekend at the Ohio Game Developer Expo (OGDE) was a complete success.  The OGDE is the Midwest’s premiere game centered event and focuses on the artists that make these game possible.  An array of people ranging from game developers, musicians, artists, story writers and much more set up booths for us to explore.  The vast talent was unbelievable and a breath of fresh air in an industry that can get over-saturated with the same old thing.

We played several new noteworthy titles during our two-day stay at the expo.  When we arrived and began our setup we talked to President of the game Mega Moves.  Mega Moves is currently a board game and is soon to be released on a mobile device app.   This game falls somewhere between checkers and chess with the goal of collecting the opposite players pieces. The players use dice to predetermine the amount of moves.  While  the game is simple in nature it seems extremely addictive and we can’t wait for this game to be a pick up and play on our phones.  Mega Move over solitaire, we have a new go to game.

It’s all in the cards.

Sentinels of the Multiverse by Handelabra Games, combines 10 stalwart heroes, 4 nefarious villans, and 4 perilous environments to create a comic book style title for the ages.  This card based title is available on almost any mobile platform you can imagine as a tabletop companion and integrates strategy to bring you an experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

N1 Games introduced us to the title Ramthor’s Tower: Maze Defense, a tower defense game where you create your own path using a Centaur (half man with ram horns/half horse).  You manipulate enemies into traps that you have set in your labyrinth.  Problem solving and decision-making are key to the title, revolving around the story of Ramthor’s horns, which are not only his strength but his venerability as well.  This working titles first six levels are available now at the android store and in the near future on iTunes.

Ramthor's Tower
Ramthor isn’t playing around.

One of our most favorite titles of the weekend was created by OKeeDoke Studios, Octile Takeover, a butt kicking octopus sporting a fish bowl head covering. The simplicity of the controls make this game an addictive one to pick up.  Our octopus hero loses water in his hat as he is hit by enemies he encounters.  A button smashing platforming title, OT is a definite one to download.  While it’s a working title now we look forward to reviewing the entire game in the future.  If you’d like more information you can click here to follow them on Twitter, or be added to their email list.

Open Realms introduced us to Forge Quest and brought us: chickens.  Yes Chickens! Of course we all love them, but they are even better in RPG form wearing armor.  Random dungeons are generated for the player to fight their way through. Campaign and multi-player modes make this game diverse in the style of play and as the player levels he creates his own unique character with individual strengths.  There are blocks to move, endless things to collects, lasers flying through the air, and did we mention chickens? Seriously, you have to check out the website or find the game on Steam early access.

BhHNEo1CUAAh_-H.jpg large
Minecraft meets Zelda.

While game developers made up the vast majority of the people we saw at the expo, not everyone creates entire games some add life to them. Jason Branscum a musician and composer makes sure that the right touches are placed in any gaming title with his musical talent.  Jason’s fun and quirky music is just the heroic and bouncy pick me up we need to get our gaming juices flowing.  We picked up a sample CD and listened to some of his music which can be heard by clicking on the link above and we were highly impressed.

Sean Beeson also blew us away with his epic musical scores, samples of which can be heard at the provided link.  Imagine and in-depth RPG or a heroing underground adventure while listening to Sean’s music.  We could barely get enough. Music is a big part of the overall gaming experience and Sean is one of those people who just gets it.  I could almost see the game in my mind even though I wasn’t playing one and that is a true talent within itself.

We would all be quite lost without the talents of the drawing artists that bring these titles to life.  We met people like Nelson Givens a storyboard artist, animator, and illustrator who truly puts his full effort into bringing the characters we know and love into reality.  Samples of his work can be found on his tumblr account and we look forward to seeing more of his works in the very near future.

While the weekend at the OGDE came to a close after what seemed like such a short weekend the talented people we met there will not soon be forgotten.  Many of the artists we met are willing to send us their full title once they are finished, which means even more totally legitimate reviews from your Play Legit crew.  Be on the lookout for individual reviews of these titles.

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