Ranttable: Games That Gave Us Chills

Resident-Evil-6-resident-evil-31455483-1097-651So the crew got together to discuss our most terrifying or intense gaming experiences ever. Turn out the lights, and hold on.

Ms. Throwback: “Eternal Darkness”. Great visuals, with puzzles and the like. The violence wasn’t super gruesome. They did more in the way of frightening players using other methods.

Knowledge: “Brink”

KJ: Well that was scary for another reason.

T-42: “Doom 3” with the lights out and surround sound.

KJ: The game was so dark, and many areas were closed in tight. You were always wondering what was coming next. Those were some ugly creatures too. It looked fantastic on PC. Just saying.

J.Valdez: Not really scary, but fighting the flood in “Halo” was nerve wrecking sometimes. Bungie did the same when they introduced the hive in “Destiny”. Really dark creepy room. There were other games that did the same. I think I got a little nervous during “The Last of Us”.

Surviving The Hordes

Deebo Approves.

T-42: The Ravenholm level in “Half-Life 2” was scary as $%*# the first time through.

KJ: While no game has outright scared me yet, this may change overtime as the graphics continue to improve. The nasty will look nastier. Sound effects even more terrifying. This isn’t to say I haven’t had some intense stuff happen to me. Roaming the Prison Cell at night playing “The Suffering” on PS2 was the closest I think that i’ve ever been. The tormented convicts, the creatures you would fight. Flashbacks constantly invading the protagonist’s (Torque) mind when you least expected it. Would love to see another game in the series.

T-42: The first time I played “F.E.A.R.” That game was a little intense at times. I think that games that mess with your mind, more than games that are gory are the ones that scare me. Of course if you combine the two it can be fun.

Horror Games That have the right mix thrive

Just Run.

JV: Oh “Left 4 dead”, “Dead Island”. Low ammo/degraded weapons during hordes of zombies. Not scary, but makes you overly cautious.

T-42: Left 4 dead had a lot of stuff like that, wasn’t scary but had you all hyped up.

KJ: I think survival horror is starting to come back, with titles such as “Alien Isolation”, and “The Evil Within”. I think developers as a whole recognize the void needing to be filled. If executed properly, this particular generation of gaming could have people really shaking in their boots. Higher character counts, grimier-looking foes.

Your scariest games?

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