Xbox Gold Fever I October 2014

The Fever is here. Xbox Live Gold members have a case of it. For October 2014, this is your lineup of Free titles for X360 and The One. Catch the steals below. Super Time Force is on the list again.

Chariot (XO)

chariot-indie-plattformer-fuer-xbox-one2 Players can team up and get through levels, while guiding a chariot around rough terrain. All for free this month.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (X360)

battlefield-bad-company-2_panama_screen-2Possibly the most entertaining Battlefield ever from a story-standpoint, is yours for download.

Darksiders II (X360)

darksiders-2-death-hammer_86537-1920x1200A lengthy campaign and solid story, makes Darksiders II a must-have. It’s a shame a third one may never see the light of day.

#GoldFever #ScroogeMcDuck @PlayLegit


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