Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Starring You

Your fighter will be working with trunks. It appears that someone has altered the future. Classic Battles involving Goku and crew have been erased. It is your job to go back and clean the mess up. Design your fighter with the right look, but also give him signature moves. Destructo Disk? Check. Kamehameha? You got it. Wardrobe options are pretty deep as you’ll see in the trailer.

Battles can take place in 1 on 1 contests, and 3 on 3 as well. Recruit other players online and hangout in the game world MMO style. It seems like this could be the largest Dragon Ball title to date. Hopefully the Network play is solid, and the fighting engine provides more depth than Battle of Z. Expect Xenoverse in Early 2015 on X360, XO, PS3, PS4, and now PC.

#Xenoverse @PlayLegit


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