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GameBoy Games We Need To See In The Nintendo eShop: Part 2

Lets face it, there are so many more games to add to the lineup. Here are three more titles we need to see in the eShop as soon as possible!

GBA Part2Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Nintendo is still working on releasing more of their beloved Gameboy titles into Nintendo eShop. In part one of this installment I listed three titles we wanted to see. Let’s face it, there are so many more games to add to the lineup.  Here are three more titles we need to see in the eShop as soon as possible!

Medabots AX


Medabots AX was a 2D mech fighting title released in June of 2002.  The game is based on the anime, and while Gameboy Advance wasn’t well-known for its fighting titles, Medabots AX makes a stand.  While fighting through the game you may also move along the screen while enemies come at you.  Each section of the player’s body has a different weapon for use.  The player also picks a leader and secondary player which becomes part of your team. Overall Medabotx AX was an incredibly fun title with over the top sound and visual quality.  The only suggestion I would make is to add a multiplayer feature when they bring it to the eShop.

Survival Kids


The end of the millennium gave us one of my personal favorite GBC titles, Survival Kids.  The game allowed the player to  move at their own pace while scouting out a deserted island.  It was also open-ended, allowing you to progress through the game however you saw fit.  Gameplay is a bit like the overhead Legend of Zelda games, allowing the player to move along the map, find treasure and defeat enemies.  The greatest part about this title was the crafting system.  The player would find random things like sticks and kindling and be able to fashion them into more useful items, such as torches.  Survival kids also had a sequel that was only ever released in Japan.  I’m thinking a two in one deal? It’d be well worth the wait.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story


There were two Summon Night: Swordcraft Story games, and both of them would be excellent additions to the eShop. The story is interesting and in-depth, providing events on a day by day basis.  In total the player makes their way through 10 days.  At night the player decides who to spend the night with, this will be the basis for a cutscene at the end of each day.  Multiple playthroughs turn out with significant differences.  Summon Night is an epic RPG which deserves another play from its fan base.

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