Goro Unleashed


As you’re aware, those who pre-order Mortal Kombat X on their system of choice (PS4, PS3, XO, X360) will receive Goro as a playable character. The release date was made official: April 14, 2015. Goro is one of the most talked about fighting game bosses still to this day. Is it the four arms? The loud yelling? Maybe its the super air stomps he gives his opponents. Well to celebrate his confirmation in the newest game, we take a look back at his past. Here are some highlights of this behemoth.

A Goro Fatality, Brutality, and Friendship move

He grabs the opponent with two arms. Keeps him there, while beating the person down with the other ones. Now that’s brutal.

Goro Vs Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat Live-Action Movie

One of the best movie quotes of all time came from his opponent in Johnny Cage. He really shouldnt have messed with his glasses.

Vs Kung Lao from MK: The Journey Begins

I remember this CGI flick back in the day, was stunning to my eyes. Now, i think a PS2 game could have produced better visuals. Hey at least the Mo-cap looks decent. Good form on those kicks Kung Lao.

Goro Torso Kick

Just an overall nuisance in this game. He would abuse his stomping moves, then embarrass the player with a fatality such as this.


#Goro @PlayLegit

Great toys.

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