Monthly High Scores I August 2014


Reported By: KJ

We had some more Comic Book love in the theater, and in home video format. Video Games we’re hyped for, are finally rolling-out. This is the last stand for the month of August 2014. Which piece of entertainment landed at the very top of our leaderboard. Press Start, and let’s begin.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Monthly High Score Winner! 500000 Points


Cmack applauded Marvel for taking a huge risk. Developing a movie from one of the company’s most obscure franchises. He says they have a great strategy in making their own movies seem so varied and unique from one another. “With the Winter Soldier feeling more like a fast paced thriller and action film, Guardians is a totally different feel to keep audiences from tiring of the Marvel universe on-screen. It is a contender for funniest Marvel Studios film yet, with laser fast one liners, sight gags, running jokes, and moments of random stupidity all well-balanced with a great cast of characters.” It’s been number one at the box office for a bit, so obviously we weren’t the only ones who agree.

Game of The Month: Madden 15 (PS4, XO) 400000 Points


It’s another year of Madden, but this time the game has certainly changed. This is the first all-out New Generation version. This means plenty more player animations, better tackling making this truly feel like a simulation. The presentation is slick. Solid situational commentary. Scoreboards, epic music, everything works together. The game trains you to be a better player, while educating you about your opponent. Fun mini games, Fantasy teams and other modes to keep players busy. EA might have monopolized Console Football, but with a game this solid it’s hard to complain.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) 300000 Points


A movie that’s still raking in the dough, is the return of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In my review I appreciated the fact Families could go see it and enjoy. “We’re here to watch our four favorite turtles at the end of the day. Leo, Mikey, Don, and Raph, behave just as you remember them. In that regard, Liebesman keeps TMNT true to the source. If only the human element could have been as well-developed. While certainly flawed, at the end of the day it’s just a fun movie. So Laugh a little and see evil get shell-shocked.”

Batman Assault on Arkham Movie 200000 Points


Set in the world of the Batman Arkham Video Game series, This animated movie features the voice of Kevin Conroy Reprising his role as the DarkKnight. The main focus of the story pits this DC universe’s Suicide Squad into a risky situation. They must apprehend the Riddler from the famous prison. One of the more (if not the most) violent cartoon DC outings ever, this was built for the older demographic. Come back soon for my full Review.

Batman in Japan 100000 Points


That’s Right Batman was Spotted in the land of the rising sun. Dressed as if he raced off the set of a Christopher Nolan movie, this person had his picture taken by people on a train. “The wannabe Dark Knight is often spotted at weekends in the region, with initial reports of sightings dating back about three years, according to some tweets. The superhero impersonator has also been spotted outside Chiba in Yokohama and Tokyo’s Akihabara district.” -Jun Hongo, Wall Street Journal Japan. Yep. It was really him! Hit this link here for visual evidence.

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