EA Gives UFC More Support

I have to give it up to EA Sports. Their UFC updates have been really great. Many of the grievances I had with the game at launch, have been addressed in some fashion. Fighters Matt Brown, Mike Pyle, and Stipe Milocic come to the game in this free update. What has me excited though, are the new gameplay additions. Here is the list directly from the company:

·         Manual Taunts: Players will now be able to add insult to injury with a well-placed taunt. Pressing Left or Right on the directional pad will cause a fighter to taunt their opponent mid-bout.

·         Kick Catching: Players will now have the ability to catch opponents’ kicks during parries if the attacking fighter has low stamina or high leg-damage when throwing the kick. If the parry button is held, a takedown will be initiated.

·         Single Leg into Half Guard: Successful basic Single Leg Takedowns will now end up in Half Guard.

·         Stamina: Stamina loss on Strikes Landed has been adjusted.

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4 thoughts on “EA Gives UFC More Support

  1. This sounds great. It’s nice to see EA taking their games seriously. The past UFC games were all horrible in my opinion. I might get this one when it goes on sale though. Would you recommend it?


      1. All UFC games usually take awhile for me to learn to be honest, but I love sports in general so I might end up getting this.

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