Rant-table: Rise of The Tomb Raider Repercussions


The Crew weighs-in on the Tomb Raider Sequel being an Xbox exclusive. Is this a big power-play from Microsoft, or just a dirty move? There are some pissed-off gamers right now either way.

J.Valdez: I don’t think that a third-party company should make a game console exclusive. A third party’s aim should be to get as many customers as possible, not alienate their fan-base.

T-42: Yea considering this is a sequel right? I mean what about the other consoles and PC that had the first one?

JV: That makes this an even dumber move. I thoroughly enjoyed this game on PS3 when my friend let me borrow it, not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it on Xbox or PC (I actually bought it for PC afterwards). But now I can’t enjoy the sequel cause I don’t have an Xbox one, and I’m not planning on getting one for a while?

Vexamillion: It’s a dirty business.

Money talks


Ms. Throwback: Idiotic. But this has been a thing for quite a while. It’s why games came out on PS2 and Xbox, but not GameCube. Everyone thought GC had less graphical power. I would deal with it all the time when I managed a game store. It’s just stupid.

JV: I remember when GTA was only on PS2, and then how much success Rockstar got when they re-released the games on Xbox.

Ms.T: That’s weird Valdez, I wonder why. *sarcasm* it looked better, sounded better, and they expanded into an entire new customer base.

JV: I found the hydra code easier to do on an Xbox controller than a PS2 controller.

Ms.T: Well, and not to mention now and days these systems cost so much. Most of the time it’s not like customers are saying “Oh I’ll get this on my PS4”. They are saying “I have a PS4 so that’s what I’m getting it on”. I’m one of the few people, if not the only person I know that has all three new gen systems in my area.

Why you tripping’ Lara?

T-42: Well funny as it is a lot of those games ended up porting over to other consoles and even the PC which is odd to me. This move makes no sense to me. Halo I understand, and even for a while Final Fantasy I understood for PlayStation but when you branch out to other consoles and then decide to go back to a solo platform. As a 3rd party developer, I have a feeling this wont be “exclusive” for long.

JV: Yea there really is no logic to this. Microsoft must have paid a pretty penny, because I can’t think that the people at Square Enix all got together and thought this was a good idea. I hope it’s not for too long, not even that, I hope they realize the mistake before releasing it.

JV: At the moment I don’t even have the free time to get and play the 3 consoles. I barely play the ones I have, I have to think carefully about the next one I get.

Decisions, Decisions


Ms.T: Oh I don’t play them. Most of the time they just collect dust. We are all in the no-time boat.

JV: It’s not a fun boat

T-42: I barely touch my 360 and Wii U as it is, I would love to use them more. I wonder if this is like E3 2013 where they mess it all up, only to back out and change their plans all together.

JV: I hope they back out and release it multiplatform and PC.

Ms.T: Wii U is about the only one I play.

KJ: You’ll see it on PS4/PC. Guaranteed. It’ll probably be an Extreme Outback Edition with all the DLC bundled up. This is a franchise that has been available to many system owners for so long. It would be a shame to pull the plug on half the audience. This franchise is iconic!

Your Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Rant-table: Rise of The Tomb Raider Repercussions

  1. Terrible move. And one that completely misunderstands the demographics that own xbone vrs ps4. SE it’s most certainly getting a serious check for this. But agreed that an ultimate bundle is upcoming. Smart play by Microsoft however as they need something to rival the uncharted series

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