Ultra Street Fighter IV Review: Fists Are Flying At This Location (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)


Real Talk By: KJ

Ultra Street Fighter IV is the culmination of everything Capcom has released. We review the fourth, and last scheduled entry in the series. Gamers can grab the retail disk for $39.99 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC). Those who own SSFIV, SSFIV: AE, Download the update for $14.99. Either way the title is certainly value-priced. Is it still worthy of your time, thumbs, and stress?

Play as characters from whichever version of “IV” you prefer. New tactics include the ability to store two ultras in a bout. However, picking two, results in the Attack Power from each being reduced. This helps keep things fair for others. Red Focus is triggered by hitting Medium Kick/Punch, and Light Punch. You can take multiple hits, and bounce back with your own. The super meter drains when going this route. Keep that in mind.

Classic, Super, and Arcade Edition
Classic, Super, and Arcade EditionThe finally added more stages. Certainly not new. They have been added from Street Fighter x Tekken. A couple of things have been moved around, or colors altered, but you get the idea. At least capcom put new music into these fighting areas. The tunes sound good as well. The newer character select music is great, with no “Indestructible” in sight. http://www.capcom-unity.com/combofiend/blog/2014/01/30/ultra-street-fighter-4-change-listAnother semi new thing to Ultra is its character roster. Hugo. He is super slow, but very powerful. A great Person to use against Zangief abusers. Poison retains her moves. Final Fight boss turned SF character Rolento has his patented grenades and batton. Honesty he is my favorite to use of the new arrivals. Elena still has beats in her head, and capoeira spinning moveshave been transfered from the Namco crossover game as well. All these characters They have been tweaked to fit the much more balanced gameplay of this series. Newcomer Decapre rounds out the cast. She has similar moves to Cammy, but really does feel like an extra character. Maybe its the fast knive shanking moves shes uses that sets her apart, but Bison’s Doll fits with the cast.New gameplay extras include The Red Focus Techinque. Absorb hits, readying yourself for a counter, but understand your super meter will deduct. W-Ultras Let players bring both of their ultras into the fight, but the damage each dishes out is lessened.

YouTube uploading for offline and online play. This is an opportunity to show your classic battles around the world. Just another welcomed addition to Ultra. Tweet us your highlights and we will put them on the site. Considering the longevity of this series among gamers, we know you have some serious skills.

ultra street figher IV
Feel The Rhythm

A semi-new thing to Ultra is its character roster. Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and Elena have been transferred from another title. They have been tweaked however to fit the much-more balanced gameplay of this series. Newcomer Decapre rounds out the cast. While on paper appears to be Cammy clone, when you give her a chance, the difference is noticeable. Her quick shanking attacks are vicious. With the exception of Bison’s doll, it’s easy to see that the new additions look familiar. That is because they were pulled from Street Fighter x Tekken. The added levels are the same way. Developers may have put in new background music, or adjusted stage colors. Overall, this was a thoughtless method. Remake stages from SFII if your out of ideas. Come on guys.

Online has seen some big enhancements. You can run network tests and battle through laggy situations. Adjust the level of stability to your liking. So, when you play someone with a horrible connection, you’ll be good to go. There is a new elimination mode, similar to King of Fighters. Players will try to run the gauntlet against two or more enemies. If they lose, the next player will step in to pick up the slack. Unlike KOF, the victor’s life will not restore. Now, for an even more useful feature. Train online with people. It’s more fun learning techniques from real players, so this is a fun add-on indeed. At this point the competition is insane. While these options are great, I can’t shake the feeling that Capcom is still missing a spot. It’s not the character roster, nor the stage count. Certainly not the network play. The offline gamer is kind-of kicked to the curb for a fourth time. Character challenges haven’t been updated. Meaning you cannot play any trials with the newest fighters. Also, how hard would it be to have a local version of Elimination and Traditional Team battle. Why not Capcom?

This match-up would headline WrestleMania.

How about a visual overhaul. Past SF retread’s brought in different styles. New menu screens, life bars. Stuff to freshen things up a bit. Players would know the difference between SFIII: New Generation, Second impact, and Third Strike immediately. USFIV should have the same luxury.  This is the Fourth version of the game after all.

The retail copy of the game has one solid perk. Every single costume pack is included. This is a Forty Dollar Value. Other than that, expect everything else to be the same as the $14.99 version.

For those who have skipped a release or two, (even if you haven’t) this is the greatest version without a doubt. For those that play religiously online, it’s an absolute buy. This is for the tournament players. The grinders. ESport champions. Capcom clearly listened to everyone’s balancing issues. Gamers that like to play local and solo, may want to think twice. This is something to look out for, as the newest characters may not appeal to the casual consumer. Overall The new fighting techniques work, helping make Street Fighter an even more respectable fighting series.


Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets


4 Out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Massive Online Improvements

+Fine-tuned gameplay

+Decapre is a nice addition

What’s Perpetrating?

-Recycled Stages from SF x Tekken

-Wanted more from the presentation

-Local/Casual players are still left behind


#USFIV @PlayLegit


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