Monthly High Scores I July 2014


Reported By KJ

We’re not finished with July yet! The month picked up for Movies. One of the greatest Scifi Series in cinema brought us its next chapter. Comic-Con 2014 took place, and more Intel was revealed about future Superhero films. Where did the big events land on our arcade scoreboard? Who earned Monthly High Score Honors? No quarters needed.

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes 800000 Points


Dawn of The Planet of The Apes may be the year’s best blockbuster. Andy Serkis is a Mo-Cap legend at this point. The way the creatures communicate is fascinating, and his performance as Caesar is a testament to that. The non-ape leads are great as well. Gary Oldman and crew keep the primates on their toes. Caesar tries his best to keep order within his crew and distance from the humans, avoiding any conflict. Still, rebellions take place on both sides, as the true villain reveals himself. His motives, while corrupt, are thoroughly explained. You feel for the character a bit. Never a dull moment from start to finish. We’re talking Oscar quality cinema.

Game of the Month: Oddworld: ‘n’ Tasty 700000 Points


In this remake of Abe’s original adventure, PS4 owners are first to celebrate. He’s Coming to other systems later on so don’t worry. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty takes the PlayStation 1 title and gives it a big update. Vastly improved visuals and new cut scenes to boot. While NnT is one of the more expensive downloadable games ($29.99), This is a lengthy and incredibly challenging game. You won’t feel robbed.

24: Live Another Day 600000 Points


This was a smart move by Fox. Bringing back 24 for the summer. They chopped the episode count in half.  As a result trimming the fat, and putting together one of the more satisfying seasons. Great Villains pushed Jack Bauer even further down his dark road. Bauer may have reached his boiling point, but he still cares. Jack shares his vast knowledge with others, so that they do not make the same mistakes. Because of his experiences Bauer’s tolerance for BS has gone way down too. Terrorists get owned. This season felt fresh, while maintaining the elements that continue to work so well. Hopefully Jack and Chloe will indeed Live Another Day.

Deadpool Lost Footage 500000 Points


Fuzzy off-screen Test footage leaked of Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. Not that Lazer-eye shooting dufus from X-Men Origins. We’re talking about the real Wade Wilson! Now you can watch the footage in HD. Look for it on the inter-webs. Such a shame FOX doubts the marketability of this character. Guardians of The Galaxy proves its okay to step outside of the norm. Have a little fun. I’m sure they’re aware this movie would have to be rated R. The people at 20th Century Fox of course want the family money rolling in. Why are you scared guys? Invest in the real Deadpool, you may like the results.

Lebron James Returns 400000 Points

-Sports Illustrated

Whether a person likes sports, or despises the topic, the news got to you in some form or fashion. Where were you when the announcement broke? Lebron James made a much quicker decision this time. He revealed his return to Cleveland in July. He will wear number 23 again. The whole 2014-2015 season completely changes now. This will be one of the more interesting years of Hoops. The Cavaliers will play Miami Heat Christmas Day. Oh snap!

Hercules 300000 Points


Adapted from Graphic Novel “Hercules: The Thracian Wars”, we thoroughly enjoyed the Brett Ratner directed flick. Yes Dwayne Johnson did a great job as the son of Zeus. He helped make this one of the most interesting takes on the legend. Another series of comics were published within the same world, so hopefully a sequel gets made. Not only was our star legit, but the surrounding cast each brought something unique to the film. Awesome action scenes and violence, that pushed its PG-13 rating to the limits. Don’t let this one get caught in the shuffle, check out Hercules.

Turtles x GhostBusters 200000 Points


Two 1980’s bred teams shall combine forces. That’s right, a comic book crossover was announced between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GhostBusters. There’s always something strange in their neighborhoods. This 4 part mini series will begin in October. Both are celebrating 30 years of awesome.

 Trailer of The Month: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege 100000 Points

The Rainbow Six Siege video had thrilling action, and the modern graphics we should expect. “Rescuing civilians, shooting holes in walls. It’s all epic. Seriously, the way players will have to communicate with their teammates, is going to be a key thing.” Strategy will have to come into play, or hostages will be lost. Hopefully Ubi can pull it off.

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