Slow Down The Press


Real Talk By: KJ

Getting pumped for future releases, is a process usually triggered by a major E3 announcement. This is when the Buzz is at its highest. Your excited, then the wait begins. Several months go by, or even years. Read up on the game by checking out magazines, interviews, or catching TV spots. This is what im used to. As I grow older, game delays rarely bother me because of the result. Usually a better title is coming out of the deal. Development teams will keep you up to date with ViDocs, or a tweet here and there. However, at this point those videos and updates come at an alarming rate. I call it a press overload. Other players will skip the announcements all-together. I’m somewhere in the middle.

While I love checking gameplay on blockbusters to a degree, they’re the ones to have videos repeatedly. Destiny (as of this writing) is the most expensive game ever made. A huge chunk of this is strictly for PR. The Beta, Game Videos, Pre-order incentives. Nothing shocking, but that is also my point. Watch Dogs took the same approach. Even through its delay, we were blasted with video after video and other press. While Both are new IP’s, they still come from giant companies. I think we have had a little too much press, and not enough word of mouth. Regardless of how many Destiny Shirts, Sodas, and posters hit the scene, if the game stinks (it probably wont i’m just saying) people won’t flock to the product.

Grand Theft Auto V was the most expensive game in the world prior to Destiny. They didn’t shove videos, or content reveals at folks. In fact, E3 is almost like the plague for Rockstar Games. Many times they will outright avoid the expo. If they show up, it is a low-key appearance.  Minimal videos. Letting the game sell itself. Is it confidence in their brand? Maybe they just want the consumer to be surprised. It seems like the mystery behind a product is becoming non-existent. I find this important in other aspects of entertainment. I couldn’t imagine having a Marvel/DC Movie spoiled. A plot turn, or twist. There would be some issues up in here! Video games are on that same level of importance for me.

“Y’all can wait!”

Perhaps multiple videos from a lesser known title is needed. For instance, from an indie studio. These companies deserve all the limelight possible, as the normal consumer may have no idea about their game’s existence. Far as the big companies go, my patience is running thin. I’m getting very tired of Super Smash Brothers clips. Many who own a Wii U, are going to get the game. Right? New character videos, gameplay. Alright guys, i’m getting Smash 4! Geez! Hyrule Warriors has multiple videos. It seems like more than a weekly basis, we are updated with info. Is a Zelda-branded title a hard sell? I really don’t think so.

What happens when you bring the game home? It seems everything is getting leaked. From menu screens, to enemies, and stages. We may reach a point where 100 percent of a game is revealed, before the cellophane even comes off. There has to be a fine line. We don’t need the 2K sports approach, and show nothing, but over-saturation shouldn’t be the answer either. Demos aren’t as prevalent. That was always a great way to sell in the past. If Your demo was sweet, people are buying your game. Simple and to the point. Your thoughts?

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